The Real Truth about Chemistry, Part 1

It can get you in real trouble, both good and bad! This isn’t news to some enlightened men and woman who already figured out that following their attractions consistently ends in a train wreck. But it continues to be a subject that every relationship coach and therapist has something to say about. The problem is […]

Who’s your Daddy?

When it comes to relationships, there should be only one answer to this question, your actual father. So what is the deal with women dating guys that are 20 years their senior, or guys looking for women 20 years younger than them. This might be OK if the woman is in her 40s, but even […]

Sex is our greatest addiction

I don’t have an addictive personality. I’ve dabbled in just about everything. I’ve smoked, gambled, tried any number of substances, but I’ve never been hooked on any of them so badly that I couldn’t stop. I consider myself fortunate. But there is one thing that is a total contradiction to what I have just professed. […]

I can cook you into bed

I had some guy friends over for dinner the other night and a very funny thing happened. I love to cook. I mean it, not just good tasting food, but complete multi-course meals with artistically plated dishes. The kind of stuff you see in 5-star restaurants. So without making your mouth water or having you […]

How many legs are under your three-legged stool?

Consider that relationships are like a three-legged stool, and we need to make sure all three legs are there before we sit down. The challenge is, almost no one does that. Most people base their relationships on two legs, physical characteristics and mental characteristics. The physical part is everything we see. If the person is […]

Romance Shmomance

Do you like Valentines Day? I use to love it and spent hours and sometimes weeks planning for that special day when I could demonstrate my undeniable love for my sweetheart. The obvious question is, “Why did I wait?” The same goes for Romance. I used to call myself an “Incurable Romantic.” Well, thank goodness […]