Certification Curriculm

 January 14-17, 2021
Level 1 Certification – General Admission
3.5 Day Virtual Interactive Training: $1,095
Advance Registration before October 31, 2020, is $795
2 Pre-event “Fast Track Sessions so you can
maximize your Certification Experience
Private Facebook Community
Level 1 CertificationDiamond Admission
3.5 Day Virtual Interactive Training: $2,995
Advance Registration before October 31, 2020 is $1,995
: 6 Week Advanced Coaching Module with Larry
and top Relationship Experts
BONUS: Attendance to
15 Keys of Energetics: Unlocking the Human Codes to Compatibility
(Includes the full 7-week training module recordings)
BONUS:  1-hour Private Session with Larry
2 Pre-event “Fast Track Sessions So you can
Maximize your Certification Experience
Private Facebook Community
Level 2 Practitioner Certification
4 Additional Days of Training (January 19-22, 2021): $1,300
Payment plans available through Paypal
Scholarships available: email: larrym@thefouranswers.com

Institute of Genetic Energetics

Awakening to core influences in relationships and maximizing

Human potential and fulfillment in every encounter

Energetic Relationship Professional (ERP™) Certification

Energetic Relationship Professional (ERP™) Coaching

For 40 years MatchMatrix.com and TheFourAnswers.com has been providing energetic charts, reports and readings for individuals, families, companies and organizations.  This information has been profoundly telling, useful, and transformative.

Throughout our years in the relationship information field we have seen nothing that can more swiftly and effectively transform someone who is holding onto stories of guilt, blame, shame and resentment, into someone who can honor, appreciate, respect and truly love another.

We know inquiry, empathy and compassion are the cornerstones to healthy relating. An awareness and understanding of our genetically defined energetics liberates us from the mysterious influences that can cripple a relationship with a romantic partner, friend, family member or co-worker; and can empower us to embrace our own personal needs and those of others.

Why Coaching?

As is the case with most transformative teachings, many people would like more direct personal assistance with what they’re learning. Gaining an awareness of one’s energetic characteristics is a dramatic game-changer. While there are an endless source of amazing training and development programs available, the unfortunate statistic is that more than 90% of the books, tapes and trainings that people buy are never implemented. Of those that are implemented it’s only a small percentage which “stick”… and often it only sticks after being integrated into the persons life over a period of time, rather than being implemented and utilized immediately upon receipt.

The same is unfortunately true of many therapies. Some people work with a therapist or personal coach for years but change comes slowly because the client holds onto, or keeps returning to old behaviors.  This is where understanding ones Genetic Energetics (GE) powerfully differs.

We often refer to GE work as “story busting.”  Why? Because frequently, unbeknownst to the client, the most damaging and challenging stories in their lives are actually sourced from energetic influences. Once that influence is identified, the story is no longer justified.

It’s would be like learning that your car doesn’t get good gas mileage, nor steer well, with tires that are the wrong size. Until this gets pointed out, your “story” maybe that XYZ auto manufacturer makes horrible cars. Put on the correct tires and now you have a fabulous car.

We didn’t need a coach to determine that, just someone to point out what size tire to install. But someone who doesn’t know this fact (or who knows but doesn’t want to buy new tires) may continue to blame the car manufacturer for his or her problem.

It may seem silly, but that is exactly what many people do when their “stories” about someone else’s behavior (or their own) are suddenly elucidated. They often continue to hold on to the well-worn excuses. Yet, from an energetic reveal, the deeper more direct work can be done. Early child-life traumas, veils of past pain, habitual judgments and more are addressed with empathy compassion and laser-like focus.

Certified Energetic Relationship Professionals (ERPs) use Genetic Energetics to gain laser-direct insight about where to focus in order to help their clients make immediate, lasting and positive change—freed up from story.

The School of Genetic Energetics was founded to serve both personal and professional relationship needs.

Our certified coaches are experienced Energetic Relationship Professionals (ERPs) that have gone through rigorous training. Many have existing practices as Therapists, Counselors, Life or Business Coaches, Consultants HR Directors and Matchmakers. Many have additional certifications as well, and have chosen to be certified as ERPs in order to add this powerful coaching modality to their toolbox.

The Training

We have designed a training program that delivers a deeper understanding, and the most effective applications of Genetic Energetics, in a clear and concise manner.

The training is broken out into modules so a new certification student can get a thorough knowledge of Genetic Energetics first, and then make an impassioned decision as to whether they wish to go deeper to become a certified practitioner.

Enroll in the School’s ERP™ certification program and become trained to use Genetic Energetics in your professional coaching, consulting or therapy practice.

ERP cert seal 200x200

The School of Genetic Energetics™ is a virtual University founded to extend the exposure and influence of the science of Genetic Energetics by providing training, support and certification to counselors, therapists, coaches and health car practitioners in the areas of energetic compatibility.

The schools format is an online webinar based educational program combined with one-on-one coaching, mentoring, presentation, performance evaluation and certification procedures.

Certification as an ERP™ (Energetic Relationship Professional)

The International Energetics Relationship Professional Certification Program is the most comprehensive, thorough, supportive, and skill-building life-coaching program available. There are few other life-coaching programs that offer you a chance to coach, lead, facilitate, support, and build a full-time practice before you graduate.

Now it’s more inclusive and easier for anyone to become a Certified ERP™ (Energetic Relationship Professional). The International ERP Program has the added benefit of being accessible from anywhere in the world as all of the workshops are offered as E-Courses and can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Our certification program is just as accessible for international participants as well as those in the states who may be challenged with travel.

You don’t need to be a therapist or life coach to become an ERP. You just need a willingness to learn, grow, and make a difference. There are three phases to our certification process, after which certified coaches can decide whether they’d like to pursue further study in order to specialize:

Level One:  ERP Certification

Core training incorporating an extensive workbook, video and audio modules to be fully acquitted with the energetic profiling.

Level Two:  Practitioner

Step 1: Prerequisites for Practitioners

We have found that many people love the idea of being a coach, but not everyone has the commitment to build a practice, or the true desire to acquire the necessary skills. Our prerequisites help you decide if being a Certified as an ERP Practitioner is right for you.

Step 2: Application

SGE has a formal review process for admission into our ERP Certification Program. This includes submitting an application and participating in an entrance interview.

Step 3: Certification Requirements

Our ERP requirements comprise classes, coursework, practical experience, professional practice and testing. By the time you’ve completed the requirements, you’ll already have begun to build a professional practice.

Step 1: Prerequisites for Level 2 Certification

The School of Genetic Energetics is committed to producing professional energetic compatibility coaches who are fully committed to the field. To that end, you must complete certain application prerequisites before applying to our Practitioners Level ERP Program (ERPP).

Our interactive program and curriculum materials require program candidates to communicate with the program Directors, Coaches, Mentors and other Certification Candidates (CCs) on a regular basis via telephone and email. It is critical that the CC have a basic working knowledge of computers, with experience and competent skills using a word processing program and email account. We recommend that CCs have access to their own personal computer due to the timely demands of the program and successful completion of the requisite materials.

Before You Apply

You’ll need to finish your application prerequisites within a six-month period, but they can be completed in any order. They are as follows:

• Listen to 12 hours of Radio Broadcasts with Larry Michel. These broadcasts discuss the foundational elements of genetic energetics and provide you with an understanding of how this information impacts relationship. You will be able to listen to Larry (and on some shows MatchMatrix.com Founder Frank Seifert) review relationships live on the radio and the discovery process they and their listeners go through.

• Attend a minimum of two coaching sessions, and obtain a letter of recommendation from a Prerequisite Approved ERP Practitioner (ERPP). We have found that it is difficult, if not impossible, to work as an ERP without ever having been coached. To fulfill this requirement, students must complete a minimum of two sessions with a single Prerequisite Approved (PA) ERPP and obtain a recommendation letter from that ERPP upon completion. Coaches designated with the insignia of PA have specific training to help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to become an ERP Practitioner (ERPP).

Coaching Candidates

Potential candidates who would like to enter our ERPP program must show proof of having finished the application prerequisites within six-months, and apply for acceptance into the program. If accepted, candidates begin the certification requirements.

It’s up to you! Your commitment to fulfilling the application prerequisites will gauge your determination to become a CERP. We wish you the best of luck, and offer you our support in this process.

Step 2: Application

Once you’ve completed your prerequisites, you’re eligible to apply for entry into the International Certified Energetic Relationship Professional (ERP™) Program.

How to Apply

• Gather proof of prerequisite completion. You’ll need proof of having read required documents, a letter of recommendation from your ERPP, and a note certifying that you have completed at least two sessions with him or her plus an audio recording of your second session.

• Obtain a second reference letter. This can be from an employer, church leader, or simply a good friend. Anyone who knows you well will do.

• Complete the ERP Application. You can download a copy and print it out or request a copy be emailed to you. Paper copies are for your use only. Please fill out an electronic version to submit.

• Complete online payment of application fee. Our non-refundable application-processing fee is $115 for the distance learning certification program.  The live events require a 50% deposit and full payment a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of the Live training.

• Send in your application, support materials and proof of application fee payment. All applications must be submitted via email to coach@theschoolofgeneticenergetics.com

• Schedule your entrance interview. Within two weeks, you will receive scheduling information for your entrance interview with one of the CERP Directors. This is your time to shine. Share your knowledge of energetic relationship compatibility, your personal stories, and your confidence that the Certified Energetic Relationship Professional Program is for you.

What Next?

Notification of your candidacy status will be given within seven days after your entrance interview. If you are accepted, you will be called a Program Candidate. If you are not accepted, we’ll give you options for continued study that may help you gain entrance.

Once you’ve been accepted into the ERP program, you can begin fulfilling your requirements.

Step 2: Certification Requirements

Upon becoming a program candidate, you’ll be given a mentor, assigned a Powerful Partner, and you’ll receive access to our support library — this gives you access to audio links and downloads.

Practitioner Certification

You have twelve months to complete the practitioner certification requirements once you are accepted into the program and become a program candidate (PC).

The International ERP certification requirements are broken down into three phases for ease and integration.

Phase I
 is dedicated to preparing you for your first coach-client session by supporting, not only your personal life goals, but through understanding how to create a powerful relationship with your client. Through a series of Webinars recorded by Larry Michel, along with the support of your mentor, you will be given a template to support you in learning, practicing and finally, integrating what it means to be a certified Energetic Relationship Professional (ERP).

Phase II will give you the knowledge, the tools and the hands-on skills to become a Professional Life Coach. This is where your learning intensifies. During this phase, you will begin keeping your required log of 80 coaching hours giving you a solid base of practical experience. Bi-monthly meetings with your mentor will help you integrate your learning’s while additional Webinars will emphasize what matters most.

Phase III will show you how to build a financially successful coaching practice; a rarity in the coaching world. Statistically, only a small percentage of coaches actually create a full-time practice, even though that is their dream. That won’t be true for you as you embody the marketing pathways we provide to all our graduates.

We don’t just teach you how to coach—we show you how to share your passion with the world.


• The Third Dimension To Relationships*
• Chemistry: The power of Attractions to influence decisions in all relationships.
• The One Relationship Law: A Guide to healthy relationships
• Sexual Compatibility: The required alignment for romantic longevity and fulfillment

• Phase I:  Getting Started as a ERP – 12 recorded classes, with course work
• Phase II:  The Art of Being a ERP – 4 recorded classes, with course work and session work
• Phase III: The Business of Being a ERP – 3 recorded classes, with course work

*Please note that workshops you’ve already attended may count toward your certification requirements.

Practical Experience:

• Work with a mentor. You will be assigned a mentor when you enter the ERP program, and that person will support you throughout your candidacy. Your mentor is integral to your studies, and he or she is paid directly for time and support.

During this process, you will meet with your mentor for a minimum of eighteen hours. During Phase II, at least three of your sessions will be listen-ins, where your mentor will hear you coach and then spend an hour debriefing your session with you. You and your mentor will complete monthly evaluations that must be submitted to the SGE main office by the first of each month. These ensure that you are on track with the program that you and your mentor are working together for your success in the program. You and your mentor will use your evaluations as coaching opportunities.

• Attend two coaching sessions. You’ll learn about coaching styles by attending coaching sessions with two different coaches. These are coaches within the ERPP network and from other organizations.

Professional Practice:

During Phase II:

• Log 40 hours of client coaching. You’ll begin with two Coaching Study Clients, with whom you’ll have a minimum of two sessions. Your mentor will work with you in supporting this client. After these sessions, and with mentor approval, you may begin to charge for your sessions with clients at a discounted rate. You’ll need to log approximately thirty-six hours with subsequent clients. All sessions will be audio taped for mentor support and recorded in your coaching log. You will continue adding to the required 40 hours during Phase III.

• Schedule a one-on-one session with Larry Michel. After a certain number of coaching hours and mentor support, you’ll make an appointment with Larry to review one of your client sessions. He may request additional sessions with you or assign homework.

• Complete a Daily Training Manual (DTM). You will be required to maintain a DTM once you are accepted into the coaching program. You will be completing all 12 weeks of the DTM and then reviewing the process with your mentor.

During Phase III:

• Facilitate Community Talks. You’ll create, enroll, and facilitate three Community Talks with a minimum of four participants. This is a wonderful practice in sharing your passion for Energetic Compatibility and in building your business. You will fill out a report on your experience and include participant’s evaluations in your Academic Report.


• Phase Testing. After every Phase, you will be tested on your knowledge and ability to ensure that you are ready to move on to the next phase. This supports integration of the material and builds your confidence each step of the way.

• File an Academic Report (AR). After finishing all certification requirements in each phase, you’ll prepare a report of your studies.

• Take your final exam. When you’ve completed all certification requirements, you’ll be tested. You must score 80 percent or above to request an exit interview.

• Have your exit interview. Once your academic report has arrived at the main SGE office and you’ve completed your final exam, you’ll schedule an exit interview with Larry.

Coaching Levels

All of our ERP’s have the same in-depth training in Genetic Energetics, but some choose to specialize by pursuing further studies. The icons below identify the ERPs training level:

ERP (Level One)

A Certified ERP has graduated from the most comprehensive life coaching training program in the world and the only program that specializes in helping you master energetic compatibility. They have proven that they have extensive knowledge, understanding and know-how in the practical application of the principles of Genetic Energetics in your life. An ERP demonstrates a clear knowledge of coaching skills including: creating clear boundaries with their clients, ability to stick to the client’s agenda, active listening, powerful questioning techniques, and creating an accountability system with their client.

ERP (Practitioner Level Two)

A Certified ERP- Level II a coach who has proactively used their new tools in both their personal and professional life. They have more than 100 hours of ERP coaching experience.

A practitioner level ERP is a coach who has continued to advance their skills by completing a thesis on genetic energetics application in a select area of family, education, romance or business. They are coaches who truly walk and talk energetic compatibility and who are able to demonstrate application of genetic energetics into any personal or working environment.

ERP Family & Parenting Practitioner

A Certified ERP- Educational Application coach has achieved the highest level of certification through the School of Genetic Energetics. They have a deep desire for mastery and excellence as they have personally and professionally demonstrated their understanding of the principals of the school. They are professional educators or educational counselors that have chosen to take the applications of energetic compatibility into the educational system. They have the widest range of abilities, as they are able to work with children, teachers and families to facilitate the highest quality of life from an energetic foundation. ERP- Educational Application coaches have more than 300 hours of ERP coaching experience.

ERP Business Practitioner

A Certified ERP- Business Application coach has achieved the highest level of certification through the School of Genetic Energetics. They have a deep desire for mastery and excellence as they have personally and professionally demonstrated their understanding of the principals of the school. They are professional business consultants with proven track records of success in the business world that have chosen to take the applications of energetic compatibility into businesses and corporations. They have the widest range of abilities, as they are able to work with Human Resource professionals, all levels of management and corporate executives and their families to facilitate the highest quality of personal and professional life from an energetic foundation. They are experienced team building trainers/facilitators, have outstanding public speaking skills and no less than 100 billable hours as a business consultant. ERP- Business Application coaches have more than 300 hours of ERP coaching experience.

ERP Trainer

An ERP Trainer is a certified ERP that shows exceptional ability to communicate the concepts of genetic energetics to any size group from small to large forums. They are comfortable and experienced in front of a camera, on the radio and in front of a live audience of any size. They have assisted in the training of Level I through Level III ERP’s and have a solid understanding of the dynamics of taking energetic compatibility consulting into Institutions and Business.

Financial Overview

Many aspects of our certification program are free, but we understand that becoming a coach is a financial investment. In order to support you fully, we have created a program that lets you invest as you go.

You have 14 months to complete all requirements associated with becoming a ERPP—though it is possible to finish your training more quickly—so tuition payment scheduling is very flexible and completely up to you.

Overall Investment

The average CC (Certification Candidate) completes the program in eight (8) months and the estimated cost for eight (8) months in the program (including prerequisites) is $5,000.00. The amount fluctuates depending on time in the program, whether workshops or webinars/e-courses were completed, and if any additional time is requested by you with your mentor. Remember that it is possible to also be earning income as a Certification Candidate, which will offset the cost of your tuition and fees.

Application Prerequisites Tuition:

• Three (3) sessions with Certified ERP: Investment depends on coach’s individual fee.
(These sessions can be waved if the applicant already has completed a coaching certification program, has proven hours working as a coaching professional and has passed the entrance examination)

Certification Requirements Tuition and Fees:

Level 1:  Certification:  $1,095

Level 2:  Practitioner Certification

  • Practitioner Training $1,300.
  • Romance / Dating Certification $1,300.
  • Family& Parenting Certification $1,900.
  • Business Certification $2,900

• Two coaching sessions with various coaches: Coach fees vary.
• One-on-one session with Larry Michel during Phase II: $160/25min or $320/50min (your choice)

Curriculum / Training Modules
We have designed a training program that delivers a deeper understanding, and the most affective applications of Genetic Energetics, in a clear and concise manner.

The training is broken out into modules so a new certification student can get a thorough knowledge of Genetic Energetics first, and then make an impassioned decision as to whether they wish to go deeper to become a certified practitioner.

LEVEL 1: ERP Certification

Lifestyle TraitsThe four core Lifestyle Traits are the cornerstones of the Genetic Energetics profiles. There are two variations of each Lifestyle Trait. This section goes into detail discussion of each variation and the behavioral characteristics common to each trait. We look at the strengths and challenges of each trait and at the impact when two traits which are either similar or dissimilar come together.

101  Communication Style
102  Activity Level
103  Financial Logic
104  Sexual Response

Attractions / Chemistry

That which we call Attraction is more commonly referred to as “chemistry”. We discuss what specifically chemistry is, when it occurs and the impact of the chemically induced conditions that exist while we are under the influence. We will discuss the event of True versus False Attractions, what this means in a relationship and the multitude of areas where our Attractions determine how we make decisions.

105  Attractions / Chemistry


There are five Modifiers in the Genetic Energetic System. We refer to these as genetically influenced energetic personality characteristics. We will discuss what it means to be influenced by a Personality Modifier, the benefits and challenges of having Modifiers and the specific characteristics of each Modifier.

106  Engager
107  Achiever
108  Controller
109  Manipulator
110  Perfectionist

Lifestyle Traits Variations

The Four Lifestyle Traits can be looked at independently of each other for the purpose of illuminating specific behavior, but they do not stand-alone. A Super Active person that is Mental Emotional Sexual Response Type is different than one who is Physical Sexual Response Type. In this section we discuss the variety of combinations that influence the nature of the energetic influence in clearly definable and predictable ways.

201  Communication Style – Activity Level – Sexual Response
202  Activity Level – Direction and Depression
203  Communication Style – Financial Logic and the transference of money
204  Sexual Compatibility – Levels of fulfillment


In this section we take the discussion around Attraction and Chemistry to the next level of emotional interaction. Attractions influence all our behaviors to some degree and in some cases both dramatically and detrimentally. We look at the influence of chemistry in all areas of life with special attention to children and romance

210  Attractions vs Chemistry – Virtual dating VS Real life encounters
211  Attractions Mismatches – Challenges and Solutions
212  Attractions in the workplace
213  Attractions in Childrearing, Friends and Family
214  Attractions in Schools – the critical source of Bullying


Just as is the case with the Four Lifestyle Traits, Modifiers can be looked at independently of each other for the purpose of illuminating specific behaviors and they also present considerable complexity when individuals have multiple Modifiers or when two people share the same or encounter the challenges of diverse Modifiers. In this section we begin to look at Modifier combinations and learn how to identify the benefits. 

220  Modifier Combinations
221  Modifiers – The long term effects of Lifestyle Trait misalignments

Profile Readings

This section focuses on the delivery of Laser coaching sessions and 1 to 2 hour Energetic Relationship Report readings. We discuss the strategy for maximizing benefits in short periods. We cover set-up, setting objectives, minimum services delivered, up-sells and recommendations. 

300  Laser Coaching
310  Recorded 1-hour sessions


LEVEL 2: ERP Practitioner Certification

Romance Category

401  The Energetic Romance Report
402  Chemistry / Addictions
410  Dating
411  Becoming Relationship Material
412  Online Dating, Energetic Profiles, pictures and communications420  Matchmaking
421  Profiling for compatibility
422  Pre-selection qualifiers
423  Coaching the client for success using Genetic Energetics
430  Partnership Agreements
440  Financials for Couples
450  Sensuality and Sexuality
451  Sexual Energy – Eastern Traditions
452  Sexual Compatibility – Emotional Intimacy
460 Relationship Types
461 Our White Tent

Family & Parenting Category

501   The Energetic Parenting & Family Report
510   Parenting
511   Parents Profiles
512   Energetics through Pregnancy
513   Chemistry
520   Infant and young children profiles (0 – 11)
530   Teens (12 – 17)
531   Chemistry
532   Sexuality / Virginity
540   Education
541   Teachers
542   Student peers
543   Home Schooling
544   Bullying
550   Young Adults (18 – 25)
560   Relatives
561   Parents
562   Siblings and others

Business Category

601   The Energetic Business Report
602   Confidentiality in the Workplace
610   Human Resource Management
611   Energetic Profiling methodology
612   Placement Modalities
613   Entrance and & Exit interviews
620   Energetic Ergonomics
621   Office workplace
622   Warehouse and Field
623   Traveling Teams
630   Management Tools
631   Meetings
632   Assessments
633   Conflict Resolution
640   The Four Lifestyle Traits in the workplace
641   Management
642   Working Teams
643   With co-workers
650   Chemistry influences in the workplace
660   Modifiers in the workplace
661   Management
662   Working Teams
663   With co-workers
670   Sales Strategies
671   With employees
672   With customers
680   Corporate Theft / Espionage

Running Your ERP Business Modules

701  Building the Business Overview
702  Business Entities / Licenses
703  Marketing: Funnel
704  Marketing: Off-Line
705  Marketing: On-line / Social Media
706  Personal Websites / Blog
707  PR and Advertising
708  Selling Reports, Personal Energetic Profiles and using BFL (Best Friends & Lovers) Ratings
709  Financial Plan – Marketing Strategy

Advanced – Public Speaking And Trainings

801  Energetic Presentations – Radio Interviews
802  Energetic Presentations – Television and online video
803  Energetic Presentations – Public Speaking (Business, schools, public)
804  Tele-Summits
805  The Lovers Way (for Men)
806  The Lovers Way (for Women)
807  Our White Tent (for Men)
808  Our Red Tent (for Women)