Get It Right

If you can’t stand even one more bad date, or struggling through another relationship that that starts out great but ends up going nowhere, then this is a letter you will want to read from top to bottom…


“The REAL REASON You End Up Wasting Your Time With The Same Wrong Person Over And Over Again…

…And The Secret To Being Able To Tell IMMEDIATELY If Someone Is Right For You.”


A New Beginning to Lasting Love and Fulfillment

It’s time to STOP making the same mistakes over and over again and at last GET IT RIGHT!

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a question – Can you relate to any of these?

  • You feel like you know exactly what you want in a partner, but the people you meet never seem to satisfy you – even if ‘on paper’ they have everything you want.
  • You have incredible chemistry with someone, but the relationship just never seems to work.
  • You fall in LOVE, but even though you feel strongly for them eventually the relationship falls apart – the sex suffers, and you wonder why things can’t be like they were in the beginning.
  • You have strong feelings for someone, but the relationship feels like so much WORK and you don’t know why it has to be so hard.
  • You meet someone and it feels so RIGHT in the beginning, only to crash and burn after you’ve wasted months or even years trying to rekindle what you had in the beginning.


If it’s not bad enough that finding the right person can seem to be an elusive (if not impossible) proposition at times, there seem to be SOME people who not only easily find the right one but also enjoy amazing relationships EFFORTLESSLY.

Why is it so easy for them?

Are they just better at dating? Better at relationships? Just plain “lucky in love?”


So why do these people have it so easy while you struggle, and have to deal with meeting and dating people who always turn out to be wrong for you? What’s different? Why does this happen to YOU?


Have you ever wondered why you’re attracted to the type of men or women that you are?

What is it about these people who make you feel completely under their spell – like they were put on the Earth to be with you, but who end up being so totally wrong for you?

Your attraction to them is all about chemistry of course, but how can something that draws you so strongly lead you so often to heartbreak?

It can feel kinda depressing…

Do you ever wonder if it’s YOU – if you just have some kind of defective chemistry radar you were unlucky enough to be born with?

Let me assure you that you are not alone here.

That begs the question, though – If you can’t trust something that gives you this strong of a feeling, then how in the world are you supposed to find who is right for you?


What if I was to tell you that a huge number of these situations could be easily explained?

What if I were to also tell you that there are certain characteristics that everyone has – UNCHANGEABLE characteristics — that absolutely determine how you will match up with someone?

What if finally, I told you that that by understanding these characteristics and how they work that you could eliminate the majority of the “wrong people and relationships” that we previously could not seem to avoid getting involved with?

Sound good?

Imagine what this could look like in your life…

  • Imagine understanding exactly what you are and what you are all about like never before.
  • Imagine knowing EXACTLY what kind of person will match perfectly with you (BEFORE you have to go through the usual trial and error, and investment of your time and emotion).
  • Imagine creating something beyond just chemistry, but an emotional and sexual connection the likes of which you never believed possible.



Learning that all this is totally possible is part of the help I received 10 years ago when I was introduced to energetic compatibility. I now call it Genetic Energetics™.

It is the science of how our bodies emit an energetic vibration that impacts every relationship we have. It’s a frequency we’ve had since birth that, like our blood type, never changes.

What happens when you put energetic compatibility to work for you in your love life? You are going to discover how to have the best relationships you have ever experienced.

The most amazing thing about this is that it’s transformational whether you’re single, in a relationship or even married.

  • If you’re single and looking for the right partner, you are going to learn EXACTLY what you need to look for and how to attract that person to you.
  • If you’re in a relationship, this will make you take a good look at it and see if this is truly the relationship for you and your partner.
  • If you are married (in love and committed), this will help you dive deeper into your relationship and really understand where you and your partner are coming from and to truly appreciate, honor and love each other.
  • Everyone will see a dramatic improvement in their sex life.

This is such a game-changer, that one of the top dating experts in the world, David Wygant, sat down to interview me about it.

We recorded it and put it into one jam-packed audio package.

Presenting Larry Michel’s…


A New Beginning to Lasting Love and Fulfillment

The program is a 3-PART, 3 VOLUME POWERHOUSE PROGRAM that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen . . . and will transform how you look at the opposite sex, attraction, and your perception of what amazing sex and relationships are FOR GOOD.

Here is a little sampling of what this Program is all about:


Are you thinking I meant to say WHO are you? I didn’t…. I meant WHAT are you. This volume lays the groundwork for understanding why energetic compatibility is so powerful and works so well. In Volume I, you are going to learn how important your energy is. Larry and David go into great detail about how your energy affects you and how you interact with other people. You are going to understand yourself in a completely new way – and in a way that will change your life (especially your love life) FOREVER. This first Volume will also cover:

  • How real compatibility is about more than you think!
  • Why chemistry is a dangerous DRUG.
  • Why having the most amazing, mind-blowing sex requires more than technique.
  • How to ALIGN your INNER ENERGY, the stuff that makes you unique in this world and ultimately attractive to others.
  • How to understand what is at the CORE of who you are – and how to know with whom YOU will be most compatible.
  • Learn the 3 legs that make up the “STOOL OF LOVE” . . . and what happens if one of those legs is wobbly or not there!
  • How to really UNDERSTAND CHEMISTRY – what it really is, why you feel it and how it can help (or HARM) us when we’re choosing a partner. (This information will shock you!)
  • How to see the WARNING SIGNS that someone you’re dating is wrong for you (before things crash and burn) – once you learn this, you’ll never miss them again!
  • Why the usual “fix it” stuff we learn to use in relationships almost never works.
  • How to turn relationship challenges into relationship ADVANTAGES.
  • Think “Opposites Attract?” Why this is true for 50% of people and false for the other 50% . . . and whether true for YOU or not in terms of your best match. you’ll learn how knowing your ATTRACTION TYPE will change the way you date and interact with the opposite sex forever!
  • Learn why if you always date the same type of wrong person that you may have a “broken picker” . . . and the RIGHT WAY to select people to date.
  • Learn how to understand COMMUNICATION STYLES and which styles are good matches for you (hint: it’s the real reason why you “just click” with some people while others get on your nerves).
  • Learn the truth about “FIXING” and “APPRECIATING” . . . and how important these are for you in dating and relationships.
  • How someone’s sense of humor is a key indicator of whether they are compatible with you – and how to know if a potential partner will ever totally “get you”.
  • What your feelings about your partner’s friends are telling you about the health of your relationship.
  • How one conversation with someone can tell you exactly how your relationship with them will go . . . and even how it will end (this part alone is worth the price of admission!)
  • Why being with some people will always make you feel DRAINED . . . and what you can do about it.
  • How to know whether you should break up with someone or adapt to them.
  • If you’ve ever liked someone but just didn’t feel the spark, you will understand why and how differences in energy will dramatically change a relationship.
  • Why it is critical for you and your partner to have the same ACTIVITY LEVEL . . . and the difficulties that will arise if you don’t.
  • Why the stories you have about your life are keeping the real love out of your life and keeping you from getting what you truly want. . . and how to totally RELEASE THEM (the only way!) so that they will have no more power or effect on you!
  • Why your “MONEY TYPE” is so important and will affect your dating life, and how to find someone who complements your money style.
  • How to know when feeling a “spark” with someone you meet means you should pursue it . . . and when it means you should walk away (this one will surprise you!)
  • How to know if you have “FALSE ATTRACTIONS” and whether you are naturally attracted to people who are completely wrong for you . . . and what to do about it, and stop it, forever!
  • How to make better “dating decisions” when emotions run high.
  • How to know which SEXUAL RESPONSE TYPE you are – and how this will tell you how to pick your perfect sexual match and exactly how you and your partner can both get your sexual needs met.
  • How understanding your sexual response type will lead to having the BEST SEX of your life!
  • Why “good in bed” is less about what someone does, and more about with whom they are in bed with!
  • Learn about “SOUL SEX” and how having it will give you the most amazing, multi-orgasmic sex you could ever imagine (you will want to start having it TODAY!!).


Volume II is all about YOUR energy – what type of energy you put out to the world, and what kind of energy you should be looking for in a partner.

  • How to start LOVING what you see in the mirror.
  • How to take your best self out on a date with you.
  • Why SURRENDER is not the end, but actually the beginning, of true intimacy.
  • What to do when your relationship starts to crumble.
  • How your fantasies actually affect your love life and can keep you from truly connecting with a real person?
  • The ONE THING you may be doing that will sabotage your relationships every time.
  • Even if you think you’re totally over your ex, how to make sure you stay that way.
  • How to know when your relationship has “jumped the shark” and when it’s time to end it.
  • Discover how to break up “properly” without drama.
  • The best ways to process a relationship that has ended, so you will be ready for the next amazing relationship right around the corner.
  • How to not get caught up in “new relationship” trance, and how to see through those feelings and get to the real person you’re with.
  • How important it is to TRULY know yourself when you’re dating.
  • How to get over past hurts in your love life so you can be 100% available to love someone else.
  • How to know what your “LOVE FREQUENCY” is, and how to find someone who has a compatible frequency to you.
  • How to open your heart and soul up so that you can let things unfold naturally in your relationship . . . and so you can truly let yourself be loved.
  • Learn the importance of TIMING in dating, and how to recognize and see GOOD TIMING.
  • Why the “women love tough guys and bad boys” stereotype is not really true.
  • SURRENDER! Why you can be raw, real and vulnerable and yet completely POWERFUL . . . and learn to go with the flow rather than trying to create a fantasy romance.
  • Are you a miser with your love? Are you saving it all up for that one person? Find out why you need to go out and give love away to have it come pouring into your life. You attract what you are!
  • How surrendering to yourself brings amazing people into your life.
  • How to get into your unstoppable “DATING ZONE,” and find out what it takes to become a star athlete in dating.
  • How to know when a bad date was not about anything that you did or said but was because of an ENERGY MISMATCH.
  • Find out how to UNLOCK your own SEXUAL ENERGY . . . and how to find people with the same type of sexual energy so you have the most amazing sex of your life!
  • Do you label yourself as INSECURE? Listen to Larry and David explain why you may not be insecure, you may simply be meeting people who don’t match with your core energy.
  • Are you able to tell the difference between Sexual Energies? Do you know what type of sexual vibe you give off and what kind of vibe you would NEED to feel satisfied by your partner? The answers will give you the MOST AMAZING SEX you’ve EVER HAD.
  • Learn the real reason why cheating happens, and how you can prevent it from ever happening again.
  • Are you a MASTER RELATIONSHIP NEGOTIATOR? Do you try to negotiate your relationship problems away without dealing with the underlying issues? Discover the underlying issues and why negotiating is never successful!
  • Do you have a “THING” for the worst possible matches? Find out why you go for them and why you need to SLOW DOWN and find the best match for yourself.
  • The difference between love, commitment, and a true PARTNERSHIP. Why “commitment” alone without a true partnership will never give you the relationship you want, why a true partnership is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in a relationship . . . and how to create that partnership in YOUR relationships.
  • How to get YOUR real needs met in a relationship – without sacrifice.


In Volume III, Larry and David go EVEN DEEPER into how to find the right partner that’s an energetic match. It is all about the importance of knowing yourself and what you want.

  • How to rid yourself of guilt, shame, blame and resentment FOREVER (and enter appreciation, respect and love).
  • How to state your needs and boundaries . . . and have someone hear you the first time.
  • Why being fearless is the biggest door opener.
  • How to get in touch with your NEEDS . . . and understand how these are the things that make you exactly who you are.
  • Are you afraid of being “NEEDY”? Find out why being needy doesn’t have to be the terrible thing it’s made out to be.
  • Why safety and security are the two most primal needs . . . and why if you’re not feeling them you won’t be open and free with your love.
  • When your partner isn’t fulfilling your needs, how to know whether it’s because they CAN’T or because they WON’T? (The answer is going to shock you!)
  • Discover what your “blueprint of needs” is so that you can inform your partner EXACTLY what they need to do to satisfy you.
  • Do you always see the best in people? How to stop getting caught up in the POTENTIAL of a person all the while suffering in the moment?
  • Do you feel like you’re not being heard in your relationship? Do you feel like you’re not on the same page with your partners and you can’t figure out why? In this audio, we will tell you!
  • How do you state your NEEDS? Are you nervous and unsure about what you need? Do you mistake your WANTS for NEEDS?
  • How to stop feeling ashamed of what you need (and of what your needs are).
  • Learn to acknowledge what you really DESERVE. In this audio, you’re going to get clear about what you really think you deserve and will receive in life. You always get what you feel you deserve.
  • Have you gotten over your PAST yet? Do you remember all your past hurts and use them to protect yourself? Learn how to get past all of your old programming so you can move on to the life you’ve always wanted to live.
  • Learn the 30-minute rule and get the QUALITY time you need to really connect with the person that you love. It really is about QUALITY over QUANTITY.
  • What fears do you have? Do you fear rejection, being alone? Do you fear the unknown? Find out how to get over the fear forever!
  • Do you get flaked on? Do you make plans with people and they cancel on you last minute? Find out why and what your energy has to do with it!


If you have ever been confused by love, hurt by love, or blindsided by love then you need to listen to these audios. All of the pain you’ve experienced, especially the pain that comes from not knowing WHY your love fell apart or WHY they didn’t find you attractive… It’s all answered in here.

So listen to these audios, get your ego out of the way, strip yourself to your core and find out exactly what you need and how to fulfill it. It is through these needs that you are going to find the most happiness and the most fulfillment. It truly is that powerful.

If you’re serious about finding love and being the BEST you can be you need to INVEST in yourself and the program. If you truly believe that you can do everything in life that you want, you NEED to get this program. It will UNLOCK your deepest POTENTIAL for LOVE and set your life on fire.

Don’t wait another minute to set yourself on the path to GREAT HAPPINESS. This program will give you EVERYTHING you NEED in your life. Take control of your life! Become the person you’ve always wanted to be! This is your time!


Here is just a sampling of what people are saying about this Program:

“Spot On…Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart…”

“Thank you so much, Larry! Two times I have worked with you one in a business relationship and the other on a personal level. Your science and coaching was spot on. I am in gratitude. Anyone that is looking for a conduit like yourself that has the knowledge and scientific information to back them “I would say jump in right now.” I gain so much insight listening to your teaching and on your Radio show as well as the caliber of guests with their teaching. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and my business.”

DeAnna Marie DiFabio
Business Strategist and Coach. The Personal Truth Finder ~ Master Clairvoyant

“Larry’s methods…are CRAZY AMAZING…he’s NAILED it every time…”

“Larry’s methods into understanding personality types and how they go together (or do not) are CRAZY AMAZING, and so helpful. I’ve had him check out all the key people in my life, and he’s NAILED it every time and helped me understand our dynamics in a deeper, more specific way than before. And hey – I’m a professional astrologer and didn’t think I needed any help! I have no idea how he does it, and he’s not saying… but the world is a better place because of him.”

Carol Allen
Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Coach

“Larry Delivers Years Of Wisdom And Understanding Of Relationships”

“In Get It Right, Larry delivers years of wisdom and understanding of relationships. He has helped me navigate my relationships where I have previously had uncertainty. I’m more clear and confident and when I am more confident I make better choices that result in a much happier and more loving person.”

Jonathon Aslay
Author, “The Relationships Men Commit to and Why”

“I truly believe in Larry Michel and his work. He holds a key to relationships that will change your whole world, finally being seen and loved for exactly who you are.”

Allana Pratt
Family and Relationship Expert

Author: How to Be and Stay Sexy

“This system gives people clear, tangible tools to dealing with every relationship they have.”

“Being a teacher of relationships on deep levels, I have seen energetics to be so effective in a person by helping them understand the subtle aspects of connection. The most powerful part is once you understand your own energetic matrix, you gain a compass that navigates you gracefully in love and acceptance. This system breaks down the woo-woo factor, give people clear, tangible tools to dealing with every relationship they have. It gives permission for the heart to open and move freely and authentically. You gain the ability to better understand how to be with others and find success on all levels.

I feel not only is it awesome to romantic relating, but every manager, team builder, and group leader should learn, understand and have access to this system. It would cut massive issues from the beginning, allowing for a more flow within the workplace, on projects and in creating harmonious and creative environments.”

Shawn Roop
Founder of Tantra Quest;
Author of ‘Pathways to Love: 28 Days to Self Love

“Thank you for this wonderful tool.  At last I have something that explains the situation in a way that makes sense.”  

“I love this information because it has helped me to release blame for past failed relationships. Instead of blaming myself or my partner for the failure of the relationship, I have been able to recognize that we weren’t well-aligned and let it go and be ok with it, instead of thinking something was wrong with one or both of us, and having so much hurt feelings over it.  It seems the older we get, that people just have too much baggage and hidden agendas, and it just gets harder all the time.  I am not dating much anymore.  Maybe I will find someone someday, but however it turns out, I will use your program before I step into a bear-trap again.”

Melinda Beeson

“It has helped me to understand so much about my past and present relationships”

“I wanted to say how amazing I think this is. It has helped me to understand so much about my past and present relationships. I have False Attractions, and my ex-husband has the same energetic profile as my father. I understand now why we had so many miscommunications in our marriage. Thank you for this wonderful program. It has really transformed how I look at myself and my relationships.”

Laura W

“I won’t get into another relationship, personal or business without consulting you!”

“I have spent many years looking at how Humans function and this is one of the simplest and easiest to understand that I have found. Congratulations! I certainly won’t get into another relationship, personal or business without consulting you!”

Nina E.

“I won’t get into another relationship, personal or business without consulting you!”

“I have spent many years looking at how Humans function and this is one of the simplest and easiest to understand that I have found. Congratulations! I certainly won’t get into another relationship, personal or business without consulting you!”

Nina E.

Dating sites need you Now”

“I am so very grateful for all that you do. Will you announce when you are finally affiliated with one of the online dating sites? I have let both of my memberships expire and I don’t think that I’m going rejoin until I can use your Energetic Matching tool to help me find the men that I want to date.”

Bryan M.

I have done a LOT of work on myself… THEY WERE, HOWEVER, INSUFFICIENT! With Get It Right, I now have the support we all need and crave to have easier, more joyful and deeply satisfying relationships.”

“I have done a LOT of work on myself and relationships (e.g. the entire 7 course series by Alison Armstrong: the Calling in the One 9-Week course; the Awakening the New Feminine Power pilot course (Empowered Feminine Energy) AND the year-long Mastery Courses with Katherine Woodward Thomas; extensive work with John Gray’s Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus books and concepts, and numerous weekend workshops in LA and in DC. The insights and wisdom on gender differences, on Masculine vs Feminine Energy, and on discovering and strengthening my access to and proficiency with my own feminine nature were all essential. THEY WERE, HOWEVER, INSUFFICIENT! The missing pieces: 1) that I was letting myself be run by my attractions; and (2) having a mechanism for quickly and inexpensively confirming energetic alignments, have proved to be a Godsend. With Get It Right, I now have the support we all need and crave to have easier, more joyful and deeply satisfying relationships.”

Patrice Shelburne

You can see how truly powerful this Program is!

Act NOW And Get Rewarded BIG TIME …

I know you’re fed up with not having (and enjoying) the kind of relationship you so passionately want. I know you are frustrated with feeling let down by love. So, I want to give you a little incentive to take quick and decisive action to change that RIGHT NOW


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This audio is by far one of the most important audios you will ever listen to in your life. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, married, in search of that next love, alone and unhappy or divorced – it doesn’t matter. The power of self-love works in all aspects of your life, and without it, you will never be able to love another person. Do you desire better relationships with your husband or wife? Do you desire better relationships with people at work? Do you desire better relationships with your children? Do you desire better relationships with potential lovers or potential relationships? The power of self-love will help you have better, more fulfilling relationships with everyone in your life – and help you avoid almost all negative relationships. In this powerful audio, David and Larry share with you how to fall deeply in love with yourself, how to accept everything about who you are and how to work on everything about yourself and love yourself at the same time. This is an audio about relationships that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard, and it all starts from within – embracing who you are as a person.


Total Value Of Bonus = Almost $40.00 … Yours FREE!

I am throwing in this extra bonus because I want to “turbo-charge” your success!

Not only that, but this Program is backed by my “industry best” Guarantee… I offer one of the BEST guarantees ever offered in the industry: My 60-Day “No Questions Asked” Guarantee.


Take 60 Days — yep, 2 full months — to implement the strategies and techniques in this Program, and if you aren’t happy with it for ANY reason, I will refund every red cent you paid for this product.

On top of that, you can keep both of the BONUSES no matter what . . . as my “thank you” for trying this program.

This a WHOPPER of a Guarantee … but I’m really THAT confident in this Program!

I know, pretty bold promise, right?

I know that 60 days is a long time and a long guarantee, but I give it to you WITHOUT WORRY, because I know the information in this product is true, “relationship tested” and will absolutely help you achieve massive transformation in how you understand yourself and in all of the relationships in your life.

Why am I so confident? Because I know 100% without a doubt that THIS WORKS! That is why I can present an incomparable guarantee like this with complete confidence.

“Sounds Good … But What’s The Bottom Line? How Much?”

The truth is that this program has a retail value of $97.00. Plus the value of the two free bonuses adds another almost $80.00 to the value of this program.

That’s a total value of almost $180.00. (And it’s worth ALL of that …)

If you act NOW, though, I’m happy to tell you that you won’t have to pay anywhere near $180.00.

Right now, you can get everything I talked about — this whole program — for the hugely reasonable one-time investment in yourself of just $47.00.

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Don’t wait – take decisive action TODAY! Don’t suffer through one more day being dissatisfied with your love life and not having the relationship you so badly want and DESERVE.

Take control! It’s time … No more excuses. Let me show you how your life can change right now – and how you can immediately begin meeting and/or cultivating the relationships you’ve been desiring most!

Let me show you how what might seem like a “dream life” can be YOUR life starting right now!

I want to put an END to all the pain that people experience by finding the same WRONG RELATIONSHIP over and over again . . . and I am totally passionate about showing as many people as possible how to know how to GET IT RIGHT and have the most amazing relationships in their life! SO I am going to give you this entire program for the crazy one-time investment of only $47.00!

Your time is here . . . and I know this Program will help you!

Regular Price $47

Remember: You have absolutely NOTHING to lose … and I want nothing more than to see you find exactly the person you want. So don’t wait another minute.

Looking forward to hearing about your success,

Your friend,

Larry Michel

P.S.: The time to take action to change your love life is NOW — not tomorrow, next week or next month. What happened the last time you procrastinated and put something on the back burner? When did you achieve what you REALLY wanted?

P.P.S: Every amazing thing I talked about in here YOU could be experiencing the minute you finish listening to this Program…


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