Energetic Romance Report

Discover why some relationships just don’t work, and others fit like a glove.

This ‘secret science’ knows who your best connections are and why you’ve failed in the past.

Get invaluable, eye-opening insight into your romantic, family and business relationships. Plus RENEWED DIRECTION, PROSPERITY and CONFIDENCE in every aspect of your life.

The science of Genetic Energetics™, long accepted by scientists as an essential tool 
to improve the quality of life, has been simplified into technology that you can 
use with instant, impactful results.

Once you have the invaluable information from our Energetic Romance Report, you’ll 
finally stop playing ‘Russian roulette’ in 
your relationships!

From the desk of: Larry Michel

Dear Friend:

Are you dissatisfied, disillusioned or unfulfilled in your relationships? Are you lonely… afraid you will end up alone? Can’t seem to get along with your son or daughter?

Have you lost the spark in your romance and want to know how to get it back? Not sexually attracted to your partner anymore and don’t know why?

Are you fed up with bad dates and dead-end relationships? Reached a certain level of success but can’t ‘break through’ and make more money?

Do you wonder why your child is struggling to make friends at school? Why they are bullied? Or have they been improperly designated as ‘special needs’?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

“My Energetic Romance Report gave me back my confidence”

“”I did the best thing for myself and my family. I will continue to use this with anyone I meet. Thank you so very much!””

– Karen, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Heal the Emotional Wounds that Sabotage your Relationships

I’m going to tell you the one thing that will instantly improve all your relationships and give you a renewed sense of well-being.

The way we look, where we grew up, our tastes in music… these are ‘who’ we are.

What you probably don’t know is that humans are genetically hardwired, with four specific energetic Personality Traits that make-up ‘what’ we are:

1) Talking Style – the way we communicate.

2) Activity Level – how we think and how active we are

3) Financial Logic – our relationship with money.

4) Sexual Response – what turns us on.

Each of these four energetic Lifestyle Traits has a physical vibration. Like a flower, each has its unique way of expressing itself in the world.

When you share one or more of these traits with someone else, you also share resonant frequencies that support your relationship (you “jive” together).

“…We’d both had multiple marriages and never thought it was possible to have one that worked.”

“What we share now is magical. Just like MatchMatrix says, the four lifestyle traits give us the tools
to work out our differences. Thank you so much for this most cherished gift of love.”

– Doug & Alice Hoover – San Diego, CA


On the flip side, misaligned traits produce discordant energies (“weird vibes”) that challenge your relationships.

It is important to learn about your differences, which in the past may have been exceedingly challenging and instead, embrace them now as beautiful flowers in the garden of your relationship.

Once you understand how you and the people in your life are wired, you’ll know why certain aspects of your relationships are smooth, and others feel hopeless.

You’ll also learn a pro-active strategy that will automatically smooth out the rough spots in any relationship.

And with this amazing knowledge comes the common denominator for success: Confidence.

It will change your life and it will rock your world. Believe me, I speak from experience.

Not that long ago, I was miserable as I stood by helplessly watching my second marriage disintegrate and come to an end.

My wife and I had stopped making love, lost our connection to each other and eventually stopped communicating altogether. Sound familiar?

At the same time I was completely unable to get through to my teenager who seemed to be slipping away.

I believed I was the reason we were all so unhappy. But as hard as I tried to make things better, they kept deteriorating.

On top of that, the company I worked for decided to shift directions and because I was the top paid executive, they trimmed me first. My boss and I had basically stopped talking, and we’d been friends for over a decade!

My wife left me. I was out of work and I had to fight my way back to the surface daily so I could be a good father to my children.

Each day I felt I was at an all-time low, and then things would get worse. And the only person I had to blame, was me.

Or so I thought.

I was looking for answers, but a lifetime of psychology, coaching and consulting couldn’t help me.

It was at that exact moment, I met the founder of MatchMatrix and I was introduced to a tool that illuminated the world of relationships so brightly it was almost blinding.

I learned about the science of Genetic Energetics™, how people are born with a predetermined personality traits, a genetic make-up of energy that dictates who we are.

I also learned about ‘True Attractions’ and ‘False Attractions’, and ‘Personality Modifiers’.

The report literally blew my mind! It described me perfectly.

The real revelation came when I saw my ex-wife’s chart.

How perfectly it described her, and how we related to each other, exactly where our trouble spots were and why certain aspects of our relationship felt impossible to solve!

It was all there. The entire breakdown of our marriage. My mouth dropped open and I got a cold chill.

I even believed if we used this information the right way, we had a chance to get back together! It could all be fixed.

I was excited to tell my ex-wife the news.As I was preparing to call her, I had a thought… what if she didn’t want to try to repair our relationship. What if she was done?

Unfortunately, I was right. My wife told me she had already moved on. She had met someone and wanted to pursue it. I felt like I had been kicked in the teeth.

I was too late to save my marriage, but over the past 9 years, I’ve successfully used Genetic Energetics to repair my relationship with my children and to build two successful companies.

I’ve even used it to stop one of my kids from being bullied at school!

And so can you.

I’ll let you in on one other very sensitive secret.

After my divorce I was so grief struck from “my failure” I felt I would never be able to love again.

I had lost my confidence with women and in relationships in general. My self-esteem and my self-love was at an all time low. Thank goodness I had my children and my work to focus on.

But perhaps the biggest lifesaver, quite literally, was discovering that the problems in my marriage were not anyone’s fault.

There was nothing wrong with me or my ex-wife. We were simply different and had no idea how to identify the differences or how to work with them.

I completely let go of what could have been years of guilt, blame and resentment. Understanding my Genetic Energetics gave me my life back.

“The Profile and the system, Genetic Energetics, are truly accurate.”

“It helped me understand my ex-husband and the mechanism of the misfiring of the entire marriage. I no longer felt like I failed the marriage; I no longer felt that I was wrong; I no longer felt that I destroyed my children’s lives. It was just a matter of two people that were as different as possible. There was not one aspect of our charts that didn’t resonate. I trust having this information will change the attitude I created around him.

On an even more positive side, it was a joy to find out that my children and I are on the same vibrational wave, whew!”

“In one of Larry’s interviews he said, ‘When I found out the problem I asked how do I fix it’ – The answer he got was, ‘You don’t it’s like your blood type.”

The beauty of this system is it’s simplicity. You are a cheetah and the other may be an elephant. Different species. Good to know what your species is because knowing allows you to nurture and create from your nature, not how to contort into someone else’s nature. This system informs you that you are you. Cheetah or elephant one is not better than the other, just different. Know who you are and celebrate. Thank you MatchMatrix!”

-Victoria Ramos


A Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationships

Your Genetic Energetics are the “what,” and may be the reason you’ve had difficulty in your relationships.

If you don’t share the same energetic characteristics, that mismatch can result in very different behaviors than expected by both of you.

The problem we all have is not knowing who we are well matched with energetically.

We are literally shooting in the dark.

And of course, we don’t choose whom we fall in love with, the members of our family or our colleagues at work.

We go into these relationships with no idea if we are energetically aligned. And are left to try to figure a winning strategy.

It’s like you and the people in your life are getting into a boat together and you don’t know if it will float or sink.

You hope for the best but without knowing where the ‘holes’ are, you end up bailing water when water gets in.

Every day, millions of people get into leaky boats and hope they can float.

Every relationship, whether it’s business, family or romance, has challenges. If you’re like most people, you assume your relationships don’t work because you’ve made bad choices.

Maybe you met someone great and there was an immediate spark. There was chemistry and passion and hot sex.

You couldn’t get enough of each other. But now there’s no sign of that spark.

You feel like you’ve done something wrong but the more you try and fix it, the worse it gets.

Or maybe you’re one of the millions of lonely people, that have given up hope of meeting someone and believe you’re destined to be alone.

If your relationships are difficult, frustrating, or have been ‘a waste of time’ and aren’t going to get any better. And you keep repeating the same mistakes…

Here’s the thing…

Unless you change your approach…

… you’re right.

Relationships are like a giant puzzle. With your personalized Energetic Romance Report you’ll know the way through! You’ll also know where the potential mine fields and dead ends are.

It’s time to get your confidence back.

And it’s time you experience the levels of prosperity in your relationships, finances and community that you desire.


“I went into this with nervous excitement, unsure of what to expect, but knowing that it’d be interesting. It turned out to be unbelievably illuminating.”

“Aspects of myself that I had always wondered about or been confused were explained, and suddenly I was able to see patterns from my relationships much more clearly. Knowing my 4 lifestyle traits and how they align with my former partner put so much into perspective and gave me a deeper understanding of our compatibility, as well as a working knowledge to apply in my next relationships. The information itself is helpful and game-changing. I know that my relationships moving forward will be hugely strengthened because of what I now know about myself.”

-Sarah, NYC


The Secret to Love that Lasts.

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’re going to get what you’ve been getting.

So what needs to change?

It’s time to stop playing ‘Russian Roulette’ with your personal life.

It’s time to take a behind-the-scenes look into the ‘why’ and ‘how’. The powerful insight in our new, expanded Relationship Report is like insider trading… You’ll know exactly when to invest, when to hold and when it’s time to sell.

The Energetic Romance Report is the road map for success in all your relationships.

It instantly gives you the inside track to finding someone you are perfectly aligned with, or a practical strategy to make someone already in your life, a better fit.

We’ve all heard that ‘knowledge is power’. Nowhere is this more true than in our relationships. Armed with the information from our report, you’ll have the confidence to be pro-active and productive.

All the missing pieces will fall into place.

Relationships fail because of: resentment, blame, shame and guilt.

All four are based in either the past or future.

With Genetic Energetics, you’ll understand and approach your relationships in the present, with a simple, practical strategy for success.

And you’ll replace those destructive emotions with honor, respect and acknowledgment.

Which will bring confidence, compassion and love to your life.

Special Introductory Offer!

ERR Cover

There’s nothing more important in life than relationships. It’s the single biggest factor determining if we succeed or fail in love, business, family and friendships.

What is it worth to finally get yours on the right track?


What you should be asking yourself is…

What is all the time wasted, trying to fill the empty spaces with missed connections, bad dates and dead end relationships, worth?

How about the stress, aggravation and wasted energy, hopelessly trying to solve the dysfunction in your current relationships? The blame, the shame, the guilt, the resentment?

What is it costing you? How much is it slowing you down in every facet of your life? In your love life? At home? At work? How much further ahead could you be in your career?

What do you spend every month on coffee and drinks? Getting your hair done or on your gym membership? Going out to the movies or online dating?

If all your relationships are absolutely perfect, obviously you don’t need the information in our reports.

But if you are looking for answers about a stagnant love affair, solutions to problems with a family member, or how to eliminate potential trouble spots with a new love in your life…

Is that worth $79. you pay only once?

Of course it is!

But that is not what you have to pay for this report today. For a very limited time your Energetic Romance Report is ONLY $47

Order yours now!

That’s right. For less money than you spend at Starbucks in a week, you can have answers that will unlock the secrets you once believed would elude you forever!

ONLY  $47

The FourAnswers Energetic Romance Report is based on the science of Genetic Energetics™.

We are 100% confident you’ll be amazed by the results.

That’s why your Relationship Report comes with a…

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee *

What have you got to lose?

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for… to be pro-active, to fix a relationship you once thought was damaged beyond repair!

To be confident you are making the right moves.

These reports are jam-packed with powerful insight, as much as 90 pages of it!

And, if you lose or misplace any report you have already run, you can re-run that same report again, as often as you like, AND any time in the future!

(*We keep a history of all your reports on our website that you can access 24/7 as often as you like with no additional costs)

That’s right. We’ll never charge you again to rerun the same report.

You owe it to your self, your family, your children to take the first step down the road to success.

Order your new Energetic Romance Report now to find out what’s keeping your relationships down, and how quickly you can turn them around!

Imagine, no more struggling to get along with your husband, boss or boyfriend. Imagine how it will feel to stop wondering why the relationships in your past didn’t turn out to be your soul mate.

Imagine having an open line of communication with your children.

When you order your new expanded Energetic Romance Report, you’ll have the confidence and peace of mind knowing why the relationships in your life felt like a puzzle you couldn’t solve, and you finally have all the pieces!

Relationship Prosperity at last!

“As a psychiatrist I was most impressed by the accuracy of the Matrix…”

“I found my energetic report to be quite remarkable and fascinating. Being trained in the hard sciences I tend to look for verifiable proof to support a system of analysis. However, as a psychiatrist I have learned to appreciate valid art forms when they accurately reflect my own experience. Genetic Energetics appears to be such an art form.”

– G. E. Miller, M.D. – Santa Barbara, CA



Here’s what’s in our New Expanded Energetic Romance Reports:

You’ll learn The Four Lifestyle Traits… the ‘what’ you both are:

  1.  Talking Style – ‘Figurative’ or ‘Structural’ / You can finally stop working so hard at communicating. You’ll relax and watch your relationship bloom.
  2. Activity Level – ‘Super Active’ or ‘Moderate’ / You’ll be proud and amazed at the new heights of your connection when you see your partner for what they are, not they aren’t.
  3. Financial Logic – ‘Conservative’ or ‘Non-Conservative’ / Watch your bottom line explode when the energetically right person handles the finances
  4. Sexual Response – ‘Physical’ or ‘Mental Emotional’ / Mutual mind-blowing orgasms will be the norm once you understand how you both are wired sexually.

And you’ll also find out about your:

  • Attractions – ‘True’ or ‘False’ / You’ll understand what real chemistry is and how to keep it in your relationship. And how not to be overcome from the chemical high that has you overlooking or hiding from real challenges.
  • Personality Modifiers – How we react under stress and the best strategy to deal with it / Your friends will wonder why you and your partner never seem to argue, because you understand when to steer clear of each other. And you also understand how to support each other.

You’ll be amazed as you watch your relationships instantly improve once you have your Energetic Romance Report.


Here is just a sampling of what people are saying about our new Energetic Romance Report:

“Spot On…Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart…”

“Thank you so much Larry! Two times I have worked with you one in a business relationship and the other on a personal level. Your science and coaching was spot on. I am in gratitude. Anyone that is looking for the a conduit like yourself that has the knowledge and scientific information to back them “I would say jump in right now.” I gain so much insight listening to your teaching and on your Radio show as well as the caliber of guests with their teaching. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and my business.”

DeAnna Marie DiFabio

Business Strategist and Coach. The Personal Truth Finder ~ Master Clairvoyant

“Larry’s methods…are CRAZY AMAZING…he’s NAILED it every time…”

“Larry’s methods into understanding personality types and how they go together (or do not) are CRAZY AMAZING, and so helpful. I’ve had him check out all the key people in my life, and he’s NAILED it every time, and helped me understand our dynamics in a deeper, more specific way than before. And hey – I’m a professional astrologer and didn’t think I needed any help! I have no idea how he does it, and he’s not saying… but the world is a better place because of him.”

Carol Allen

Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Coach

“Larry Delivers Years Of Wisdom And Understanding Of Relationships”

“In the Energetic Romance Report, Larry delivers years of wisdom and understanding of relationships. He has helped me navigate my relationships where I have previously had uncertainty. I’m more clear and confident and when I am more confident I make better choices that result in a much happier and more loving person.”

Jonathon Aslay

Author, “The Relationships Men Commit to and Why”

“This system gives people clear, tangible tools to dealing with every relationship they have.”

“Being a teacher of relationships on deep levels, I have seen energetics to be so effective in a person by helping them understanding the subtle aspects of connection. The most powerful part is once you understand your own energetic matrix, you gain a compass that navigates you gracefully in love and acceptance. This system breaks down the woo-woo factor, give people clear, tangible tools to dealing with every relationship they have. It gives permission for the heart to open and move freely and authentically. You gain the ability to better understand how to be with others and find success on all levels.

I feel not only is it awesome for romantic relating, but every manger, team builder and group leader should learn, understand and have access to this system. It would cut massive issues from the beginning, allowing for a more flow within the work place, on projects and in creating a harmonious and creative environmental.”

Shawn Roop

Founder of Tantra Quest;

Author of ‘Pathways to Love: 28 Days to Self Love

“Thank you for this wonderful tool.  At last I have something that explains the situation in a way that makes sense.”  

“I love this information because it has helped me to release blame for past failed relationships. Instead of blaming myself or my partner for the failure of the relationship, I have been able to recognize that we weren’t well-aligned and let it go and be ok with it, instead of thinking something was wrong with one or both of us, and having so much hurt feelings over it.  It seems the older we get, that people just have too much baggage and hidden agendas, and it just gets harder all the time.  I am not dating much anymore.  Maybe I will find someone someday, but however it turns out, I will use your program before I step into a bear-trap again.”

Melinda Beeson

“It has helped me to understand so much about my past and present relationships”

“I wanted to say how amazing I think this is. It has helped me to understand so much about my past and present relationships. I have False Attractions, and my ex-husband has the same energetic profile as my father. I understand now why we had so many miscommunications in our marriage. Thank you for this wonderful program. It has really transformed how I look at myself and my relationships.”

Laura W

“I won’t get into another relationship, personal or business without consulting you!”

“I have spent many years looking at how Humans function and this is one of the simplest and easiest to understand that I have found. Congratulations! I certainly won’t get into another relationship, personal or business without consulting you!”

Nina E.

“I won’t get into another relationship, personal or business without consulting you!”

“I have spent many years looking at how Humans function and this is one of the simplest and easiest to understand that I have found. Congratulations! I certainly won’t get into another relationship, personal or business without consulting you!”

Nina E.

Dating sites need you Now”

“I am so very grateful for all that you do. Will you announce when you are finally affiliated with one of the online dating sites? I have let both of my memberships expire and I don’t think that I’m going rejoin until I can use your Energetic Matching tool to help me find the men that I want to date.”

Bryan M.

I have done a LOT of work on myself… THEY WERE, HOWEVER, INSUFFICIENT! With the Energetic Romance Reports, I now have the support we all need and crave to have easier, more joyful and deeply satisfying relationships.”

“I have done a LOT of work on myself and relationships (e.g. the entire 7 course series by Alison Armstrong: the Calling in the One 9-Week course; the Awakening the New Feminine Power pilot course (Empowered Feminine Energy) AND the year-long Mastery Courses with Katherine Woodward Thomas; extensive work with John Gray’s Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus books and concepts, and numerous weekend workshops in LA and in DC. The insights and wisdom on gender differences, on Masculine vs Feminine Energy, and on discovering and strengthening my access to and proficiency with my own feminine nature were all essential. THEY WERE, HOWEVER, INSUFFICIENT! The missing pieces: 1) that I was letting myself be run by my attractions; and (2) having a mechanism for quickly and inexpensively confirming energetic alignments, have proved to be a Godsend. With the Energetic Romance Reports, I now have the support we all need and crave to have easier, more joyful and deeply satisfying relationships.”

Patrice Shelburne

Your Energetic Romance Report will change your life as it has positively changed my life and thousands of others.

It’s time to experience it for yourself. I want you to tell me your relationship success story.

You owe it to yourself to try this amazing new compatibility tool and feel the incredible results it can bring!

Your Energetic Romance Report is based on the science of Genetic Energetics™, which is why we are 100% confident in the results.

That’s why your report comes with a 30-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee *

We guarantee you’ll be blown away when you read your relationship report.

And if for any reason this report does not provide value send us an e-mail stating such and we will issue a full refund. No questions will be asked.

There is literally NO RISK involved.

If you ever decide the information in your report isn’t worth what you paid, we’ll refund it. Period.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!!

* Please note, our Money Back Gaurantee applies to first time buyers ONLY.

Here’s what you’ll need to get your Energetic Romance Report:

What you’re about to receive is a totally new science of Genetic Energetic compatibility.

Please don’t confuse this with Astrology or Numerology. It’s is very different!

After you pay for your report, you will receive an email asking for the following information. Please respond to the email with your answers and your report will be promptly emailed to you.

    • We ask for two (2) names and four (4) birth dates.
    • The 2 names are for yourself and the person you wish to run the report with. (You can use initials if you wish)
    • The date of birth for you and the other person in your report.
      (We must have the month, day and year)
    • The date of birth for your opposite gender birth parents (Month, Day and Year). That would be your Mom if you’re a man and your Father if you’re a woman.

If you don’t have your parent’s birth dates now, no problem, you can provide this information later at no additional cost.

If one or both birth parents dates are unavailable because this information is unknown (as is often the case with adoptions) the FULL report can still be created, but without information about your Attractions.

Attraction are just one of 15 areas we will address in your report and are not key to fully understanding and using your Genetic Energetic information

Time to get started and get the guidance that has helped thousands of singles and couples across the globe.

Place your no-risk order online right now.

ONLY $47

Don’t let another day pass you by!

It’s time to invest in yourself.

Remember: You have absolutely NOTHING to lose … and I want nothing more than to see you find exactly the person you want. So don’t wait another minute.

Looking forward to hearing about your success,

To your relationship Prosperity… to your Confidence, Love and Success,

Larry Michel

Purchase Policy.  Running more than one report with your single Energetic Romance Report purchase will result in the following: 1) Your credit card or payment method will be charged for any additional reports which were not paid for and, 2) Our unconditional money back guarantee becomes instantly null and void. 

* Please note, our Money Back Gaurantee applies to first time buyers ONLY.