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For 35 years, we have been providing energetic charts, reports and readings for individuals, groups, companies and organizations. The information is profoundly telling and useful, for sure!

In all our years in the relationship information field we have seen nothing that can more effectively and swiftly transform a person who is holding onto guilt, blame, shame and resentment into someone that can honor, appreciate, respect and truly love another.

Why Coaching?

And, as is the case with most transformational teachings, many people would like assistance with what they’re learning.
Having an awareness of one’s energetic characteristics is a dramatic game changer. There is an endless source of amazing training and development programs. The unfortunate statistic is that more than 90% of the book, tapes and trainings people get are never implemented. And of those that are implemented it’s a small percentage of these that stick over time.
The same is unfortunately true for many therapies. Some people work with therapist and personal coaches for years. The change is slow going because the client holds onto or keeps returning to old behaviors.

One powerful way to change that is with an understanding of your energetics.
We often refer to our work as “story busting.” This is important because many of our most damaging and challenging stories source from energetic influences. Once the influence is identified, the story no longer is justified.

It’s would be like learning that your car does not get good gas mileage or steer well with tires that are the wrong size. Until this was pointed out, your “story” was XYZ auto manufacturer makes horrible cars. Put on the correct tires and now you have a fabulous car.

We didn’t need a coach for that—just someone to point out what size tires to put on. Someone that does not want to buy new tires may continue to blame the car manufacture.
Seems silly, but that is exactly what many people do when their “stories” about someone else’s behavior (or their own) are eliminated. They continue to hold on, and this leads directly to the real challenges. This is why many therapists and coaches utilize energetics in addition the other trainings they have mastered. They gain nearly immediate insight into where they must focus to help their clients make lasting positive changes.

Our Coaching and Training Partner

We have teamed with the School of Genetic Energetics to serve your personal and professional relationship and connection needs
In this section of the website you are provided two options:

1) Hire a Certified coach for your personal, parochial, educational or business needs
Our coaches are experienced Energetic Relationship Professional that have gone through rigorous training. Many have existing practices as Therapists, Counselors, Life or Business Coaches, Consultants and HR Directors. Many have many additional certifications as well and have chosen to be certified as ERPs to add a powerful additional coaching modality to their toolbox.

Booking and Payment Policy: All private coaching fees are paid in advance of service and are non-refundable. Clients have up to 6 (six) months to use any balance on hours paid. It is the clients responsibility to set appointments with their coaches. All coaches will provide adequate calendar hours to meet clients needs. Coaching hours are between 8AM and 6PM Pacific Time. (Weekends and hours outside of 8AM to 6PM are booked at the coaches discretion).

2) Become a Certified ERP™ (Energetic Relationship Professional)
Enroll in the School’s ERP™ certification program and become trained to use genetic energetics in your professional coaching, consulting or therapy practice.