Building Intuitive Power

By Dr. Simone Ressner

We are entering a profound time in history when it is not only encouraged to step into your intuitive power but life will have its way with you until you do. Building intuition is a way to redirect the vibration of survival into the energy of thriving. With intuition, we can move in life with a sense of flow, grace, and ease that up-levels our potential for self-realization and self-expression, reaching the heights of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in life. Intuition is the vehicle through which we can blossom forth our greatest gifts. More than ever, it is inherently your birthright to step into a space of allowing your own gifts to shine. It is time to trust the surrender: to feel moved and supported by something bigger than you can imagine.

The hardest transition to make in our Western culture is to allow for a radical shift from a human “doing” to human “being” state. Why? Because often we have been trained and indoctrinated that our sense of worth is what we can do or achieve. This kind of power is not to be undermined as it does feel good to do and achieve and after all, dreams do require action in order to be realized.

What I am calling forth is the need for balance – bringing the yin to the yang of “doing”. And eventually, this need shows up for everyone. For instance, what happens when you have done and achieved much in life (you have the fancy car, the house, the friends, the vacation/ travel, the optimal body) and yet still remain feeling unsatisfied unseen or unhappy? It’s as if you hit this glass ceiling and you realize there is still so much more to life, so much more to give and do but you can no longer regenerate a profound why behind that movement or you just do not have the clarity of what it is you desire anymore. An underlying depression can set in the more days pass with this “I have everything, why am I not happy?” question haunting you.

This is where flexing your intuition can greatly guide you. After you’ve traveled your known world, it is the teleport vehicle for going into the “unknown” towards the “unseen”. As a practice, it is building a peaceful relationship with not knowing. It is important to pacify and calm your mind so your senses can come online to unpack the other realms of consciousness. After all, the conscious mind is only capable of taking in 50 bits of information out of the 11 million bits per second our body is sending the brain.

There are various ways to step into your intuitive power mindfully so you can fulfill your dreams and your higher calling in life in a way that sprouts happiness and peace for yourself and those around you:

Meditate: the power of of emptying the mind is vast. For some, meditation may be the only thing you may need to do in order to access your intuition and to gain more awareness. There are many forms of meditation but for building intuition, it is best to hone in on a practice that will help you sharpen your sense of body awareness from a place of stillness in the body. It is important to find the practice that works best for you. My own incorporates singing, visualization, or asana yoga beforehand and culminates with a deep listening to my body and whatever feelings arise for me.
Shamanic trance drum: there are many youtube videos to listen to and attune your mind into a this hypnotic state of awareness. It is invaluable to meet your guides and angels which are ultimately aspects of your subconscious self arising in a way we can easily converse with to get clarity and confidence in our life.

Schedule a shamanic healing session. If you are in San Diego, contact Simone at There is often a local paper or bulletin that healers can list themselves. A practiced Shamanic healer can utilize their own intuitive power to help you access hidden or repressed emotional, mental, and spiritual stagnation that desires to be expressed and integrated in a healthy way. They can help you journey inwards through trauma or blockages to abundance and love.

Tarot cards and the I Ching – everyone has their own preferences around what kind of divining tools they enjoy using. This is a great exercise to do so you can learn how to incorporate symbols and signs into your life – symbols are the way the universe speaks and expresses in life. Even our spoken language is a compilation of agreed upon symbols so we can share and deepen understanding and connection with others.

Journal: what better way to reflect than to write and be able to revisit your thoughts, emotions, and inspirations? I highly suggest to have a discipline of handwriting a page of free-associative writing first thing in the morning. Free association is writing from a stream of consciousness, without any agenda and just allowing the mind to run and take you somewhere. You’ll be amazed what comes out!

Workshops and retreats – by far, this is the most comprehensive way to tap into your own source. There are many offerings far and wide that may help you. The most effective offerings in my opinion, do not promise results with a complicated process. The ideal workshops and retreats show the way through simplicity; the truths that withstand time are the most simple ones and so it goes with building intuition. The steps are simple but the way can be challenging. Journey with someone who it feels easy to breathe around, someone who is seasoned with holding space for emotions to come up as they so often need to.

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