Seminars and Workshops- 15 Keys

15 Keys of Energetics

Unlocking the Human Codes to Compatibility

This is a 7-week LIVE Online Webinar Series, one night each week via Zoom. That means engaging and interactive.
This is a GLOBAL EVENT, so you will be able to participate from anywhere in the world.  Plus, each week will be recorded. If you can’t make the live webinar you can listen in later.
Plus: An additional advanced class is available for Private Coaching Clients, which includes a one-hour integration following each Webinar. If you are interested in private coaching and the advanced classes for this webinar series, please email Larry Michel

Beginning February 3rd, 2022 for 7 weeks

All 7 Webinar Classes for $297 

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At the core of all our human connections are energetic frequencies, which impact the depth and breadth of our interactions. 

These frequencies guide how we experience each relationship in our lives:

Do we feel truly seen and heard?

Do we have a strong sense of trust and willingness to be open and courageously intimate?

Are we sensing a need for distance or discomfort that is off-putting or confusing?

Are we sexually misunderstood?

Do we feel like chemistry may be pulling the string and our best decision-making capacity is being tested?

At this moment…in this precious present are we truly loving?

The answers to these questions, plus many more will be answered over the 7 sessions of this course. Each session stands alone and each session also builds upon the previous. Whether you can come to all or a few you will receive a new awareness that will positively and magnificently enhance every relationship in your life.

Genetic Energetics has been called the most profound new science of relationships. The only online scientifically proven typology, it has been described as a

“Magnificent illumination that transforms human connections”,

“The go-to source for understanding compatibility,” 

“The Ultimate Story-buster”,

“A one-of-a-kind tool that helped me find my life partner”

“Proof that I am not broken”

This series is taught in person by Founder of the School of Genetic Energetics and the and Master Practitioner, Larry Michel. Larry is a radio show host, author, poet, coach, and popular speaker who has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and video broadcasts and published in numerous on-line and print publications worldwide.

Let Larry guide you on a journey of letting go of blame, shame, guilt, and resentments that restores honor, acknowledgment, respect, and most importantly, Love. Discover how every tool you have accessed from personality profiling to all the esoteric systems (Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Numerology, etc.) and, life transformation tools such as NLP, hypnotherapy, EFT, etc. are powerfully enhanced with a new understanding of how our genetic energetics influence every connection in our life.

Although each of the following seven courses offered to support one another, they can each be taken independently and fully understood as stand-alone classes. 

Week One: Energetic Vibrations and Communication

Genetic Energetics (GE) identifies 4 Lifestyle Traits, Attractions (Chemistry), and 5 Personality Modifiers. In this first session, we look at how this science came to be, the unique impact of your Genetic Energetics, and how GE is influencing our interactions with each other. You will come away with a profound understanding of how we communicate, why we are energetically uplifted or depleted by others, and where that deep sense of safety and security or protection stems from. Most importantly, we will learn how to embrace similarities and differences with more love and appreciation than ever before. This is the beginning of 7 weeks of transformation aimed at swinging the doors wide open to the quality of relationships, love, romance, sex, financial freedom, and emotional prosperity you were born to experience. Come prepared to make positive life changes that can not be undone.

Week Two: Lifestyle and Money

It’s no secret that some of us power through life while others move at a very different pace. We have been called hyperactive, ADD, ADHD or lazy, zoned out, and ultra chill… and too often these judgments are not considered positive proclamations. Since we were young children, someone has had something to say about how fast or slow we think, how structured or loose we live and we have been given a “boatload” of beliefs about money that could suck one bank account dry or cause another to constantly overflow with prosperity. The Energetic truth will set you free, empower you with awareness, and will demonstrate that few of us need coping drugs, and all of us have absolutely empowering and beautiful traits that can be embraced with open arms. Prepare yourself to permanently shed countless labels and embrace qualities in others that, in the past, you thought were intolerable.

Week Three: Sexuality

We are in the midst of a sexual revolution on this planet, calling for an end to the deplorable lack of instruction and insight about how the sexes relate. There is a ton of work to do. Our children and adults need a wake-up call of enormous magnitude. Understanding sexual energetics has done more to unwind, debunk and free people from sexually wounding than any single body of work.

Before we can speak to the divine feminine or the divine masculine we need to fill in a few details that will have you looking at the celebrated wisdom of teachers like Allison Armstrong, David Deida, Mantak Chia, Osho, John Gray, and many more with a new lens. Without incorporating our genetic energetic sexual type their teachings are only half-told and, sadly for some, that half may be very off-target. This evening promises to be one of the most empowering course corrections around sexuality ever taught.

Week Four: Attractions – Chemistry: Our Unwitting Drug of Choice

If we had to point to one single influence that is the cause for our 50%-plus divorce rate and millions of mismatched and challenged couples, this would be chemistry. This evening will be a powerful awakening to who you are attracted to and why. You will discover that chemistry is not just about romantic relationships. We choose our friends, favor our children and make business decisions unwittingly under the influence of our energetic attractions – chemistry. You will learn how this happens, the impact it has on your relationships, and what you can do to appreciate, honor, and accommodate this powerful genetic drug.

Week Five: Personality Modifiers – Engagers, Achievers and Enrollers

If you have ever completed a personality test or had your Astrological or Human Design chart read, then you have been given a host of titles and descriptions about who you are, how you behave, and how you should be interacting with yourself and others. Genetic Energetics has it’s own five Personality Modifiers that are genetically encoded. Ignore them and you end up with a boatload of judgments and debilitating stories (mostly offered by others) about what’s “wrong” with you. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN.  You are unique and special and have qualities that need to be understood and embraced for the amazing gifts that they provide. In this class, we will discuss the Engager, Achiever, and Enroller Modifiers. Find out why you’ve found yourself telling someone anything they ask, even when you don’t consciously want to; why some people we are involved with can be so focused on their tasks that we feel like we don’t exist, or we’re frustrated and worn out by interruptions and misunderstanding when all we want is to complete what we started. You will also learn why more than 65% of the female population over 40 with this Modifier are resigned to be single, and why men in a relationship with these women are either heroes or emasculated. These are just a few of the insights this evening will reveal. You will leave with a completely rewritten set of beliefs that will empower you both at home and in the workplace.

Week Six: Personality Modifiers – Protectors, Perfectionists, and those with none.

Do you think you’re psychic? Our experience has shown that many of us have had our psychic abilities inadvertently squelched from a very early age by our parents, teachers, and friends. If these buried abilities are not awake, they will awaken this evening. If they are alive you will be given some distinctions that will massively supercharge your ability to manifest. Whether you have one of these Modifiers or not, the power of calling-in what you want (intended or unintended) will be revealed. You will discover where we get trapped and literally stop forward momentum in our lives, and how to, with intention, shift to becoming evolutionary manifestors.  You will instantly understand many of the characteristics that show up in your friends and loved ones, and most importantly, discover how to support and love them with enthusiasm and compassion.

Week Seven: Courageous Intimacy

In six weeks your understanding of human interactions will have been given an outrageous make-over. You will have been shown the impact of energetic blueprints and learned the value of living in harmony with our energetic design. As powerful as this information is, Genetic Energetics, like EVERY system attempting to identify who and what we are: presents us with a potential trap that, while of huge value, can also create challenges by way of projecting our beliefs or experiences on the present. In order to truly love, we cannot be in judgment of ourselves or others. When we become too attached to any definition, or typing system, we restrict ourselves from experiencing what is so NOW. We may desire intimacy, but it is allusive and imaginary. It is made up of experiences and beliefs in our past or projections of the future.

We are given more beliefs and insights than one could possibly use. We have access to more information than ever in history. We know enough to be dangerous and most of the time we are. There is a need to balance what we know with how we BE.  Most importantly, we need to become our most contemporary self… fully present. Our most profound and magnificent changes come from when we are the most vulnerable, authentic, and present… when we step into intimacy with excitement for growth and emergence…when we take all we know and courageously dive in we are Courageously Intimate. This is how we will celebrate our last night together.


All 7 Webinar Classes for $297

Save $100 and pay only

$197 if you register before December 31, 2021

Click HERE to Enroll Now

Advanced Class For Private Coaching Clients includes a one-hour integration following each Webinar.

The webinar will take place from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time (San Diego) starting February 3rd, 2022. The Advance integration will immediately Follow.

If you are interested in private coaching and the advanced classes for this webinar series, please email Larry Michel at