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Hi, I am Larry Michel, AKA “The Love Shepherd”.

No, that is not a self-proclaimed title. It was given to me at Burning Man after being witnessed in a state of grace that best demonstrates my life path. I embrace the title because it speaks to a life-long drive to find our way back to love and remain in a state of acceptance that attracts more love, abundance and prosperity into our lives.

My field of work is Genetic Energetics™. GE is the most positive life enhancing science I’ve ever encountered. In my 30-plus years of coaching, consulting, business and relationship building, nothing has been more effective at helping people get out of their “stories” and free of their own obstacles to success and love. The application extends to all types of relationships from personal to business.

How did I become so involved with this profoundly transformational science?

At age 14, infatuated with a 17-year old gorgeous blond lifeguard at my parent’s country club, I received my first indoctrination into a mix of psychology and spirituality. “If you want a date with me you have to first read two books, Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and Siddhartha.” Off I went to study for my date.

Decades later after studying psychology and sociology at the University of Washington, earning certifications in NLP and NAC, publishing and speaking in front of audiences from 8 to 34,000, building companies, launching products and starting my own School to certify coaches, counselors and therapist’s, I found my calling in this little known science with a universally felt phenomena—Energetics.

Yes, since age 14 studying and improving the quality of relationships from families to business to romance has been my path. For more than two decades I did so by creating products, seminars and other services for luminaries such as Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and John Assaraf and assisting companies to accomplish meteoric rises in sales from millions to hundreds of millions of dollars.

This did not come without a cost. The immersion in my devotion to building companies and helping others resulted in a neglected and failed marriage, rationalized relationships and less than appropriate time with my children.

I strove to make up for the shortcomings with my heart, and I learned the importance of being present, not just for our loved ones, but everyone. At the top of the list of critical life lessons was “story busting”.

It was a monumental awakening to realize that every form of resentment, blame, guilt or shame, and every kind of expectation were stories. NOT REALITY—but expertly crafted personal FANTASIES designed to substantiate our fears, pains, deeply buried traumas and more. Or they were an attempt to control the outcome of a circumstance fueled by desires and egos gone wild.

All these prevented us from one thing— TRUE LOVE. The past and the future are not real! Perhaps useful for learning what actions get better results or to set goals and objectives, but living in either instantly ends our connection with the here and now. Fear, shame, guilt and blame must be gone for us to honor, appreciate, respect and love each other and for us to TRULY SEE the amazing divine beings we encounter everyday of our life. They must be gone for any of us to fully love our source and ourselves.

I am here on TheFourAnswers as your “Love Shepherd”. First to discover your unconditional love of yourself and then your love for others. I bring potent tools that look at our core energetic influences, which impact every relationship we enter.

You will learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively with more energy, kindness and love
  • Create and live your life consciously at your own speed
  • Find powerful clarity in the way you relate to money
  • Discover and experience transformational channels of sexual fulfillment
  • Identify how Chemistry directs the course you take with everyone you meet, and
  • Gain deep insights to your own unique characteristics, embracing the real you for real success

I am a Story Buster and a Love Shepherd.  I promise to never hold back from knocking down obstacles in the way of either. I will be kind. I cannot promise gentle. Your transformation will trickle out to everyone you touch and with grace and bliss plenty of children along the way.

You can find me on Facebook, weekly on The Larry Love Show, through my School of Genetic Energetics or our corporate platform, The Institute of Genetic Energetics. You will find a plethora of mind expanding information on this site as well as customized reports about your Energetic blueprint.

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