ERP Certification Program


– Imagine how it will feel when your customers tell you how much they love you, and how much joy you have brought into their lives.


– Imagine having the training and the tools to bust through any story and bring instant clarity and direction into the lives of your clients.


– Imagine having the ability to shine love into the most hidden and darkest recesses and reveal the fullest beauty of your client.


– Imagine them telling you how life has changed, for them, and everyone they connect with.

These are just some of the rewards of being a Certified Energetic Relationship Professional


New Global Virtual ERP Certification Program

January 12-15, 2023

Level 1 Certification — 3.5 Days Virtual Interactive Training 
Two Options:
General Admission
Diamond Admission
Level 2 Practitioner Certification — 4 Additional Days of Training:

Payment plans available through Paypal
Scholarships available: email:


A personal note from Larry Michel
Founder of the School of Genetic Energetics

Why am I so passionate about my work?

After experiencing what I judged as several failed marriages, a number of mediocre business ventures, and many troubling relationships, I was introduced to Genetic Energetics™, and my life instantly and forever changed!

It was as if someone had just shined a flashlight into the dark recesses of confusion haunting my relationship history.

Gaining this insight was like getting the secret combination to the lock on love… I’d been given a key to the magic city, and now, experiencing true love was FINALLY possible!

Not only have my relationships changed, but I’ve also discovered a personal calling that vanquished any clouds I held above my head, giving me the freedom and enthusiasm to coach, speak, write and transform the quality of life for people on a scale I could have never imagined.

I want you to have this same UNLIMITED source of personal and professional prosperity. And to live your own dreams while being of service to others.

Thank you for investing your time to read this announcement. I promise you it is positively life-changing.

Blissfully Yours,


“…You gave me a different perspective, and you did so with so much love…

“Thank you for answering every single question I had, with patience and enthusiasm, and for shedding so much light on the situation. You gave me a different perspective, and you did so with so much love, caring, and eagerness that I felt like I was on the phone with an old friend. Really, I just felt SO much love and kindness for you on the phone, and I felt it returned. Thank you for that!

That was a comfort to me, as the relationship we were discussing is so important to me, and the results had me (and well, still do have me at times) apprehensive. The profile itself is spot on, but more importantly, your explanation of it, and the way you helped me work through each aspect, was truly moving.”

Please allow me to ask:

  • Do you feel a deep sense of commitment toward helping people to up-level their relationships? (And would you like to enhance your own too?)
  • Are you looking to make a meaningful difference in the choice filled world of “self-help,” coaching, and counseling?
  • Have you hit a plateau that has you wondering how to expand your business?
  • Are you a coach, counselor or service professional? Or do you work in the Human Resources realm, or in a team environment where each player chosen can make a huge difference? 

If you’re reading this, it’s quite likely you’ve had a personal and impactful introduction to Genetic Energetics.

If you are someone who needs to be sure that your ability to relate with others is super effective and productive, or if you work with others who do, I’d like to offer you an unusual opportunity to take your business and relationship skills to an exciting, new, laser-sharp level!

I am offering this intensive ERP™ (Energetic Relationship Professional) training this year…

Currently, in order to get certified as an ERP, you must complete a 12 to 16-week on-line training consisting of audios, webinars, homework, and written exams. The on-line cost for this Level 1 Certification is $1,095 ($795 during our advance promotion).

Then, after completing Level 1, if you wish to dive deeper to become a specialized practitioner, you continue with more focused training and practicums in one or more of three categories: Romance, Family & Parenting, or Business.

Depending on the category(ies) chosen, specialized Practitioner Level Certification normally takes 8 to 18 months to complete, and it can range in price from $1,500 to $5,000. Some ERPs continue on to Master ERP level so they may teach our certification program, a bill for their time at higher rates, and contribute to our practitioner level curriculum.

Live Virtual ERP Certification Intensive is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If you’re like many of us—navigating a fast-paced life, you’d probably prefer to get things done more quickly when possible… perhaps you don’t want to spend months doing hours of online training, reading, and homework…

If this is you then you’ll want to join us on January 14-17, 2020, for this LIVE Virtual Level 1 Global training.

The Live Virtual Training is going to cover the entire 12 to 16-week course AND additional elements that people don’t have the opportunity to learn through the on-line forum!

I’ve chosen to keep enrollment very small so that training and conversations remain more personalized, intimate, and powerful.

AND, the event will be recorded so that you can review and refresh your knowledge again later at any time.

Plus you’ll get personally acquainted and work with other cutting-edge coaches, counselors, and professionals who, like yourself, see the added value of incorporating Genetic Energetics into their work or practice.

When working with small teams a typical day of coaching or consulting begins at $5,000. One-on-one focused training costs even more.

But, you won’t have to pay that; I want to have the chance to teach in person, to a small group of highly motivated students, so we are making this event super affordable.

Just this one time I am going to offer and advance purchase price of $795 for the full three-day intensive for the same $900 that we charge for the on-line program. And I am going to limit the size of the class as well, so the entire weekend is up-close and personal for everyone.

As you can imagine, the seats are filling fast, including with certified ERPs that want to be here for a rare, live training.

What’s more, is that your opportunity doesn’t end there!

Directly following the 3-day intensive, on October 8-11, I will be doing an additional completely new 4-day Practitioner Level Fast-Track. The cost of this focused course will be only $1,300 for those who register in advance. This is a huge saving for those that want to get in, get trained, and get started earning a higher income immediately.

This additional four-day certification course will show you exactly how Genetic Energetics Master Practitioners utilize this methodology for consultative and therapeutic applications.

You’ll get hands-on training to learn how to quickly apply your knowledge, how to walk someone through their Genetic Energetic makeup, and then how to help them instantly apply the information in their own life.

The fact is that we’re growing fast, and we need you on our team of ERP practitioners.

It’s a well-known fact that the most powerful transformations happen with the help of a coach. Personal attention and focus from an ERP is a life-changing experience!  For the first time in their life, our clients feel like they “aren’t broken”

“The information itself is helpful and game-changing, but even more valuable was the personal explanation of what it all meant for me.”

I went into my time with Larry with nervous excitement, unsure of what to expect, but knowing that it’d be interesting. That hour turned out to be unbelievably illuminating. Larry took the time to ask about myself and my past relationship and then used that context to explain my Energetics.

Aspects of myself that I had always wondered about, or been confused by, Larry was able to explain using the matrix and suddenly I was able to see patterns from my relationships much more clearly. Knowing my 4 Lifestyle traits, and how they align with my former partner, put so much into perspective and gave me a deeper understanding of our compatibility, as well as a working knowledge to apply in my next relationships. The information itself is helpful and game-changing, but even more valuable was Larry’s personal explanation of what it all meant for me. He spent as long as I needed to help me make sense of all of this and to learn how to use this to inform my choices moving forward. I can’t thank Larry enough for this invaluable gift; I know that my relationships moving forward will be hugely strengthened because of what I now know about myself.”

-Sarah Stimson

Relationships fail because of resentment, blame, shame, and guilt.

All four are based in either the past or future.

With Genetic Energetics, we begin to understand and approach our relationships in the present, with a simple, practical strategy for success.

We replace those destructive emotions with honor, respect, and acknowledgment.

Which brings confidence, compassion, and love to our life.

As an Energetic Relationship Professional, you will have been trained to help your clients to look deeper into all their relationships.

There’s nothing more important in life than relationships. It’s the single biggest factor determining if we succeed or fail in love, business, family, and friendships.

What is it worth to finally get yours on the right track?


What your clients should be asking themselves is

What is all the wasted time worth, of trying to fill the empty spaces with missed connections, bad dates, and dead-end relationships?

How about the stress, aggravation, and wasted energy of hopelessly trying to solve the dysfunction in your current relationships? The blame, the shame, the guilt, the resentment?

What is it costing? How much is it slowing them down in every facet of their life? In their love life? At home? At work? How much further ahead could they be in their career?

How much do they spend each month on coffee and drinks? Getting their hair done or on a gym membership? Going out to the movies or online dating?

If all their relationships are absolutely perfect, obviously they don’t need our assistance as coaches, consultants or therapists. But if they are looking for answers about a stagnant love affair, solutions to problems with a family member, or how to eliminate potential trouble spots with a new love in their life…

You will be the best professional for them to work with —

Because you will have insights and tools that others do not.

Imagine, getting your clients to the place where they are no longer struggling to get along with their husband, boss, or boyfriend.

Imagine how liberated they will feel when they stop wondering why the relationships in their past didn’t turn out to be their soul mate.

Imagine your clients suddenly having an enhanced and open line of communication with their children, siblings, parents, and others…. and the impact that will have on each person they touch.

As an ERP you’ll have the confidence and peace of mind knowing you finally have all the pieces!

For too long we have seen how best practices, powerful tools for transformation, and some of the most profound teachings seem to have only short-term impact.

Despite our best efforts the transformation we hoped for never happened, or it did occur but then did not stick!

When clients frequently find themselves frustrated for returning to old behaviors, and recurring relationship issues, it’s hard to explain “why.”

With Genetic Energetics in your tool kit, you will finally be able to provide answers and facilitate lasting change.

Relationship Prosperity becomes a real possibility!

“…I no longer felt like I failed the marriage…  It was just a matter of two people that were as different as possible….

“I had the privilege of a private session with Larry yesterday. The charts and the system, Genetic Energetics, are truly accurate. It helped me understand my ex-husband and the mechanism of the misfiring of the entire marriage. I no longer felt like I failed the marriage; I no longer felt that I was wrong; I no longer felt that I destroyed my children’s lives. It was just a matter of two people that were as different as possible. There was not one aspect of our charts that did not resonate. I trust having this information will change the attitude I created around him.

On the positive side, it was a joy to find out that my children and I are on the same vibrational wave, whew!”  -Lynn

Training Features you’ll learn in the live ERP Training:

You’ll learn The Four Lifestyle Traits  which defines “what” you inherently, genetically are:

  • 1) Talking Style – ‘Figurative’ or ‘Structural’ > You can help your clients finally stop working so hard at communicating. They’ll relax and see their relationship bloom.
  • 2) Activity Level – ‘Super Active’ or ‘Moderate’ > Enjoy seeing your customers become proud and amazed at their new heights of connection when they see their partner for what they are, rather than what they aren’t.
  • 3) Financial Logic – ‘Conservative’ or ‘Non-Conservative’ > Watch your client’s bottom line explode when the energetically right person handles their finances. And enjoy the same for yourself in your own endeavors.
  • 4) Sexual Response – ‘Physical’ or ‘Mental Emotional’ > We know the biggest challenges that arise in relationships often center around sex. At last, your clients will know why they’re really having issues, and what they can do about it. The result: massively fulfilling sex will be the norm once they understand how they’re both wired sexually.

We work extensively on Attractions and Chemistry. Easily the most misunderstood and influential energetic impacting ALL our relationships

  • Attractions – ‘True’ or ‘False’ > You’ll understand what real chemistry is and how to keep it in our relationships. And how not to be overcome by the chemical high that has our clients overlooking or hiding from real challenges.

You’ll learn about the 5 Personality Modifiers and how to help your clients navigate through the emotional shifts of each.

You will have a new understanding of how we react under stress, and the best strategies to deal with it.  Imagine your clients sharing with you how they never seem to argue because they understand when to steer clear of each other, and how to support each other.

  • Achiever – Never feel guilty again about being super focused… nor overwhelmed for having too much on your plate.
  • Enroller – Creative, but not going anywhere?  That stops now when your clients learn the strategies to successfully navigate and implement their ideas. Women specificallywill learn why they are still single and having difficulty finding a man that can meet them, and how to overcome a characteristic that creates more single women than any other influence.
  • Protector – This is A common trait among coaches and therapists because of their naturally powerful and accurate intuition. You will learn how to cultivate your gifts, remove the obstacles, and teach your clients to do the same.
  • Perfectionist – This can be the most devastating characteristic for our clients. Or, or it can be a huge asset—but only if it’s embraced with insight and love. You will learn how to help your clients navigate through the obstacles, regardless of their age or the relationships they are in.
  • Engager – You will learn that there is more to this charismatic trait than meets the eye, or attracts our attention. With your knowledge, people with this trait learn how to joyfully optimize their engagement with others.

You’ll be amazed as you watch your client’s relationships instantly improve with your insights and assistance.

“I am especially appreciative of the time and care you took in the Laser Coaching Session….”

“Many Thanks to you and your staff for the Energetic Romance Report. This report was extremely helpful in giving me an understanding of my own energetic profile and that of a former partner. I am especially appreciative of the time and care you took in the Laser Coaching Session last evening to help me better understand my own energetic profile and its impact on others. This new learning is very exciting for me. I have always been aware that my high energy level could be problematic for some in my relationships in life. For a romantic partner without the same level of energy, it has been especially difficult. Going forward I will seek out a partner with the same energy level as my own. With my better understanding of my Genetic Energy characteristics and how these characteristics influence my relationships, I hope to be more successful in deepening my relationships with family, and friends. With a clearer understanding of where I have been in relationships, I look forward to attracting a new partner into my life.

Thanks you so much again for your insights and encouragement for future relationships.”


The beauty of this system is its simplicity.

“In one of Larry’s interviews, he said that, “when I found out the problem I asked how to fix it” – answer-you don’t, it’s like your blood type. The beauty of this system is its simplicity. You are a cheetah and the other may be an elephant. Different species. Good to know what your species is. Knowing allows you to nurture and create from your nature, not how to contort into someone else’s nature. This system informs you that you are you. Cheetah or elephant one is not better than the other, just different. Know who you are and celebrate. Thank you Genetic Energetics.”


“…Comfortable and non-judgmental”

“The experience of being with Larry was so comfortable and non-judgmental. Larry and I were two different communication styles, yet I really felt heard and understood. I highly recommend this system and a session with Larry to anyone curious to connect to their true nature. My next relationship I will definitely consult with Larry. Thank you for creating this for the world.”


If you are ready to add one of the most valuable and profound relationship tools available today to your professional tool-box, join us on January 12, 13, 14, and 15, 2021  for our LIVE VIRTUAL ERP certification Intensive.

Remember, space is very limited for this special event.

Make the decision to up-level your professional capacity Now while there is still space available! CLICK ON “ADD TO CART” TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW!

January 12-15, 2023

Level 1 CertificationGeneral Admission
3.5 Day Virtual Interactive Training: $1,095
Advance Registration before October 31, 2022, is $795
2 Pre-event “Fast Track Sessions so you can
maximize your Certification Experience
Private Facebook Community


Level 1 CertificationDiamond Admission
3.5 Day Virtual Interactive Training: $2,995
Advance Registration before October 31, 2022 is $1,995
: 6-Week Advanced Coaching Module with Larry
and top Relationship Experts
BONUS: Attendance to
15 Keys of Energetics: Unlocking the Human Codes to Compatibility
(Includes the full 7-week training module recordings)
BONUS:  1-hour Private Session with Larry
2 Pre-event “Fast Track Sessions So you can
Maximize your Certification Experience
Private Facebook Community


Level 2 Practitioner Certification
4 Additional Days of Training (January 17-20, 2023): $1,300
Payment plans available through Paypal
Scholarships available: email: