Building Intuitive Power

By Dr. Simone Ressner We are entering a profound time in history when it is not only encouraged to step into your intuitive power but life will have its way with you until you do. Building intuition is a way to redirect the vibration of survival into the energy of thriving. With intuition, we can […]

“Testing” His Love: Good Idea or Best Way to Doom Your Relationship?

According to a poll conducted by, 3 out of 5 women “test” their significant others to see if the relationship will last. As the co-owner of a company with one of the few scientifically proven compatibility test (see, I felt it important to set the record straight when it comes to predicting the […]

The Real Truth About Chemistry, Part 4

From Fantasy to Reality – Love in the NOW In Part I you discovered that Chemistry is a very real phenomenon that can last a lifetime, but seldom does because other relationship factors come into play. You also found out that half the population is misguided; hence our ridiculously high divorce rates. In Part II […]

Who’s your Daddy?

When it comes to relationships, there should be only one answer to this question, your actual father. So what is the deal with women dating guys that are 20 years their senior, or guys looking for women 20 years younger than them. This might be OK if the woman is in her 40s, but even […]

How many legs are under your three-legged stool?

Consider that relationships are like a three-legged stool, and we need to make sure all three legs are there before we sit down. The challenge is, almost no one does that. Most people base their relationships on two legs, physical characteristics and mental characteristics. The physical part is everything we see. If the person is […]