How many legs are under your three-legged stool?

Consider that relationships are like a three-legged stool, and we need to make sure all three legs are there before we sit down. The challenge is, almost no one does that. Most people base their relationships on two legs, physical characteristics and mental characteristics.

The physical part is everything we see. If the person is the right look, size and shape, energy level and even in the same geographical area you have a good physical match.

The mental part is what most of us think is everything else. Its who the person is. How they were raised, what they believe in. What hopes, dreams and wishes they have. Their spiritual beliefs, desires for family, travel and other activities. Their taste in clothes, music and entertainment. In a nutshell this is called the product of nurturing. What we have become since birth and how we chose to live today. If this is a great match you may be well on your way to a wonderful relationship.

If the physical and mental parts are both wonderful for each of you then this should be a great match, right? That’s what the online dating sites want us to believe, which is why we see every site construct their profiles the same way. Plenty of pictures, videos and audios and a good series of descriptions or profiles matched by questionnaires.

This does not work for the same reason a relationship based on just these two legs of the stool is typically in for some big surprises. When do work, it is a very luck y match.

The third leg, which is as critical, if not more so than the first two is “energetic”. We are born with a specific energetic blueprint. Like our blood type, it does not change. It’s very basic in many ways. We have a definable way that we communicate, process information and a speed we run our lives, how we relate to money and a sexual response type. If our energetic patterns (the blueprint) don’t match someone else then there are very definable challenges that will come up. In this situation I would say you are a rose and your partner is a tulip. You can please and scream and ask nicely for them to change, but it will never happen.

If you do match energetically and the other two legs ARE a good match also, then go to town. There is so much potential for love and growth together that you might as well hang on for the love ride of your life.

If you are not a good energetic match and you are in love and totally committed to your partner, then you owe it to yourself to find out what up energetically so you can support each other fully rather than hold resentments, blame or guilt.

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