I can cook you into bed

I had some guy friends over for dinner the other night and a very funny thing happened. I love to cook. I mean it, not just good tasting food, but complete multi-course meals with artistically plated dishes. The kind of stuff you see in 5-star restaurants.

So without making your mouth water or having you plead with me for a dining experience, this is what happened. My friends are reclining comfortably in culinary ecstasy, while I’m clearing the table to prepare for the next course. I overhear one friend say to the other, “Wow, if I was alone with him I would think he was trying to lure me into bed.” The other friend responds, “You know, ha!” Which means he totally agreed. Then they had a good laugh about it. They’re still laughing when I return and share the joke with me turning the observation into a compliment on the dinner.

Being a newly single guy I did a quick recount on times with my ex-girlfriend and wondered if she stuck around for the good food and sex. I decided, absolutely! They both played a major role in the longevity of the relationship.

The moral of the story: learn to cook, be a good lover and be a little (or lot) creative with both and you wont have to worry about be physically alone.

Caveat/Warning: A happy tummy and a satisfied libido will only last so long without a real emotional connection, but if both are good enough you can go a very long time without noticing what’s really missing.