What Sexual Type Are You?

Great sex 1When it come to sexual compatibility there are two very specific energetic sexual types. If you’re not the same as your partner, making sure you know how to satisfy them and yourself is a must.

The two types are Mental/Emotional and Physical. Every person is either one or the other. The Mental/Emotional needs to be warmed up before sex. Great warm-ups include words of endearment, music, candles, a great movie or dinner. This is their foreplay, and like any of us, they dont always need foreplay, but without it things will cool down quickly.  The Physical person likes all the romantic antics but doesn’t need any of them. If this is you, when you read the description you would have responded with, “Those are nice, but just do me!”

It’s good to be matched with a partner that is the same energetic sexual type as you. But if not, here are some very importnat pointers.

You can expect the male Mental/Emotional type to put a lot of effort into creating the emotional mood. Understand that this is as much for them as it is for you. In fact, if you are a female Physical Sexual Response type your male partner’s pre-sex activity is more for them than for you. They are literally turning themselves on so they can provide the physical attention you need.  If you cut them short, you are taking away the emotional drive they require to be fully aroused and engaged. Be patient and even better, be totally appreciative of their efforts and your rewards will be great.

The female Mental/Emotional type needs the same thing as her male counterpart, except that Mental/Emotional women, like all women, prefer to be “taken”. They do not wish to play the male role. They need to be romanced. They want to be conquered again and again. If you are a Mental/Emotional woman and your man is not meeting your emotional needs, as much as you may not want to and as awkward as it may feel, you are going to have show him what you need. Play the role of the male and demonstrate for your Physical Sexual Response man what you require to be aroused. Make it clear this is not a one-time thing he must do for you — this MUST happen regularly. Just as much as the Physical person wants and needs your emotional attention after sex, you need it before and it is not going to work if you have to constantly set the emotionally temperature. This is the case regardless of dominant or submissive role preferences.

Physical Sexual Response men MUST step up for their Mental/Emotional women or you will forever be laying in bed waiting, unfulfilled and eventually disinterested in sex. Over time, the lack of sexual attention is not the only thing that will be lacking, guaranteed. Continually practice creating the moods and expressing the desires that your Mental/Emotional woman requires and there will be many happy endings.